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I just bought a very used…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/20/2022

I just bought a very used Heritage Expedition from a person who sells Kayaks but doesn't really know a lot about them I don't think. Since the purchase I've been searching for specs, brochures, initial build layouts, pictures, etc, anything I can find that might give me a hint as to the original configuration of the boat, mostly looking for what was the original flotation setup. As I understand it this Kayak has a capacity of 300lbs (found that somewhere) but I believe that must have been assuming some flotation setup which right now it does not have. I can stick my head in the hatch hole and see where there used to be either bulk heads, or maybe L200 closed cell foam glued to the front and back of the cockpit. My rating here is a hopeful one only and I'm really hoping someone who has or had a Heritage Expedition LP or XL might have something they can post here that might include pics that show me what was originally there. Thanks in Advance ir you are able to help. My name is Ed and my email is Murphy_89_vt@yahoo.com


I bought my Expedition used,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/21/2007
I bought my Expedition used, and as such it is in a very used condition. The two side handles rusted, frayed, and fell off and I've found the the seals around the hatches are poor to non-existent, resulting in the kayak taking on a LOT of water whenever it rains (I have no garage so my yard is the only option I have for storing a 17 foot kayak). This is further complicated by the fact that the kayak has no forward or aft drain. There is a drain in the console area, however it is stuck in place and not exactly ideally placed to begin with. So I am left with a cup and sponge trying to remove moldy water from the interior of the kayak.

The kayak is also extremely heavy and the length, as stated above, makes storage and transportation a chore.
Had I known about all of these inconveniences ahead of time, I probably would have purchased a different model. However, the kayak does serve it's purpose quite well in terms of actual functioning in water. I have a rudder so steering is not a problem for me at all. And though the primary stability is a bit shaky, the secondary stability is rock solid. I have never tipped my kayak and I have been out in some fairly rough conditions. I have had this kayak for over a year now, and though it can be a pain in the neck as far as upkeep and storage are concerned, I have definitely gotten plenty of use out of it.


I have about a 1998 plastic…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/9/2002
I have about a 1998 plastic Heritage Expedition (SOT), bought used (3 years old) this summer. I paddled it about 50 hours this summer, its my first kayak. The boat has two large 'oil-can' dents in the bottom from being tied to a roof rack in hot weather. I am going to try and push them out next spring. I am a rookie paddler, so take my input as such.

I use the boat mostly on flat inland lakes in Mich. I'm 5'8 and 185 pounds. I find the boat tracks like an arrow, it has no rudder, it doesn't need one to go straight, and only in stiff winds does it tend to turn into the wind. It’s actually pretty hard for a rookie to turn, but that might be my skill level, you have to concentrate and 'execute' if you want to turn quickly. (the dents in the bottom may make mine worse than without)

I find it roomy and very comfortable, I never get sore or numb spots, and I have paddled it for 4 hours at a time with no stopping/stretching. It has a large broad adjustable back-band that supports your back very well. It’s also a nice dry ride, only in choppy wavy conditions are you sitting in a puddle, which then drains out the scupper hole quickly.

It is heavy (near 80#), unless you are big and strong, you will need a wheel set to move it very far. The boat sits high on the water, and so does the paddler, (I have never paddled it 'loaded'). Its very stable, I have never come close to 'falling out'. In fact I never fell-out on purpose to try the 'ease of getting back in'.

My impression is that the boat is not that 'efficient' .. it seems other boats I paddled would glide longer than this one after stopping paddling. But I can still do 12 miles in less than 3 hours (as a 'not-in-great-shape' rookie).

Drawbacks > weight, dents, slow turning, not super fast or efficient. It’s my first boat, I can't complain for $600 (with paddle).


This kayak (I have the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/30/2000
This kayak (I have the Expedition LP model ) is optimized for long tours. You point it toward a target, and it heads straight for it...only in a fairly strong breeze are any corrective strokes ever needed. Very good storage capacity, though care must be taken in loading since the hatches are only 10" in diameter, and the spaces, though roomy, are shallow. This kayak is fairly fast, and handles well in flat or chop. An excellent boat for a large paddler, but may be too much for a smaller one. Initial stability is good, and secondary stability is excellent. Some may have trouble with its weight (about 80 lbs.), but once in the water, this kayak really performs.

My first sea kayak and heaven…

Submitted by: paddler228149 on 6/29/1999
My first sea kayak and heaven to paddle. I'm 6'2", 240 lbs. and couldn't find an enclosed cockpit model that fit me. The new Expediton LP is an open cockpit, self-bailing model (not to be confused with sit-on-top surf boards)with a 300 lb. load capacity that is very comfortable for me. Great handling, quite stable, and well-made. I'm rating it an 8, not a 10, simply because I'm a sea kayak newbie. Whatever the number, it's a great boat.