Angler 12

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Angler 12 Description

The Heritage Angler 12' Sit-On-Top Kayak is designed with a vertical rod holder in front of the paddler and 2 recessed, flush-mount rod holders behind the seat to offer a variety of fishing positions.

The kayak also features small and large storage compartments and a stern tank to hold your valuables while you fish, while the back band allows you to stand upright. Paddle clip.

Angler 12 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Constructed of polyethylene plastic for durability
  • Back band allows you to stand upright
  • Vertical rod holder in front of the paddler and 2 recessed, flush-mount rod holders behind the seat
  • Small and large storage compartments and a stern tank
  • Paddle Clip (Not Shown)

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Angler 12 Reviews

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I have owned this kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler2858930 on 5/17/2024

I have owned this kayak for 5 or 6 years now and i fish in it atleast 4-5 times a week and you want the god honest truth well here you go! I have absolutely put this kayak through the ringer again and again and again. I own five kayaks all different kinds and this is by far my favorite. My buddies all have thousand plus dollar kayaks top of the line and they can't hold a candle to this Heritage and they'll even tell you that, matter of fact two of them went and bought a heritage. This kayak came off a lowboy trailer at 60 MPH on a back road ,concrete road mind you ,and I was just sure it was destroyed as I went back to get it all I found a were some scratches on the bottom scratches on the side and it broke the aftermarket seat that was in it! It never has leaked, it never has given me any problems that right there was proof to me. This is the toughest most stable kayak I've ever owned I have had this kayak in 2 to 3 ft swells in the Gulf of Mexico , I've had this kayak out on the water when nobody in their right mind should have been out on the water in horrible weather conditions and it has not let me down, it has never flipped never sunk! If you're thinking about buying a kayak for life I would suggest you look at the Heritage 12 Angler I don't know anything about the angler 10, I've never had one but the 12 is perfect for me! I'm 6'2 190 lb it's got plenty of leg room I've never had an issue of being uncomfortable after I replaced the seat, it gets five stars for dependability, durability, stability and being all around safe from me. I've documented pictures of most of the weather I've been in it, the pictures of when it came off the trailer so I have lots of evidence that this is a solid kayak and I personally would put it up against any other brand 12-ft kayak. Again this is my opinion from my own personal experiences. Hope this helps


The scupper holes in front…

Submitted by: paddler582422 on 2/11/2020

The scupper holes in front of the seat punched through deck. Plugged the hull holes and cut off half of the scupper channel. Installed aluminum plates (License Plates) top and bottom and squished them together with treated sheet metal screws and a double layer of Red 736 Silicone. Used it four times and have not sunk yet.


I have had my angler 12 for…

Submitted by: paddler236983 on 7/28/2016
I have had my angler 12 for about 3 years now. I absolutely love it! it has never failed to get me where I need to go. I have fished lakes and ponds throughout most of south east Texas as well as the surf. very stable kayak, I love the flat bottom gets me in the shallow tight stops. I added an new seat, crate and fish finder. I would strongly suggest this for a beginner or avid kayak fisherman.

I have owned a Heritage…

Submitted by: JasonT on 6/4/2015
I have owned a Heritage Angler 12 for over 3 yrs. it has been a very reliable kayak and fishing platform for me. I have fished in rivers, ponds, lakes, bays, marshes and in open Gulf of Mexico waters in this kayak. It has never let me down. Over the years i did add a seat pad for comfort, an anchor trolley, milk crate, GPS/fish finder. It allows me to catch everything from tarpon to bream.

Purchased this new last fall…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/23/2014
Purchased this new last fall at a killer price ($299 on sale, MSRP is 749.99). This is equivalent to the Heritage Redfish 12, but without a seat bottom, and a smaller front hatch. For a starter fishing kayak, I have no complaints. Also bought wife an Old Town Vapor 10 Angler (also $299) and son a Heritage Featherlight 9'6" Angler ($249). Basically saved around $800 over regular prices.

Anyhow, it holds my 250# self, plus tackle, without fail. It tracks fine, it's slower than the other 2 (sit-ins, mine is sit-on-top), and as I paddle it "waggles" a bit, but it gets me where I'm going without any fuss. Included an anchor kit, scotty rod holder in front, 2 inset rod holders behind the seat, and a rear hatch. I ordered a "hatch cup" that fit in the back hatch (5 or 6"?), and gives me plenty of room for my wallet and cell phone in a waterproof bag, and could put a bit more (maybe 1.5 liters total volume?) It didn't cost too much to add from ACK I think, maybe $20? Also has a paddle keeper (snap-in style, not the best for this kayak, but it does work). Bungees across stern well, which is large enough, and has insets for, a bucket, or milk crate, with more room behind those.

Complaints: small foot pegs (I have large feet) lead to hot-spots on my feet (wearing water shoes), and no seat pad (but has screws to secure one of the many options out there). Seat back pad included is short, for my 6'2" height, but it mostly works.

I'd say adding a $50 seat, and replacing the kayak feet tracks (which are fine, just don't like the small pegs) with a nicer set like the Sea-Lect for their much larger pads(about $35-40 online), and for about $100 over original price and hundreds less than a Redfish 12, and even more than that saved over similar models (Pescador for instance) , I've got a nice kayak that I'm totally happy with.