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Northwest Passage Paddle

Northwest Passage Paddle Description

The Northwest Passage Paddle is a paddle brought to you by Harmony Gear. Read Northwest Passage Paddle reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you!

Northwest Passage Paddle Reviews


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Northwest Passage Paddle Reviews

Read reviews for the Northwest Passage Paddle by Harmony Gear as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I have two of these. One is…

Submitted by: paddler233039 on 3/18/2009
I have two of these. One is a 1-piece shaft the other is a 2-piece. They are both 240's. I like the design. it works perfectly well. I have used several other paddles, including wings, and I like this one. The only problem I had was with the two piece. The ferrule is glued into the shaft. It broke loose. I can epoxy it back in place....but should I have to? Harmony paddles are all over Ebay and are super cheap.

This paddle seems to have…

Submitted by: paddler233058 on 3/21/2007
This paddle seems to have garnered some negative reviews. One should put that in context. It is an inexpensive paddle, and even the manufacturer won't deny that. You'll see many instances of folks breaking paddles that cost 3 times as much, or having "warranty"-type problems with them. Another thing to note is that if you read enough reviews on this site, you'll find that most folks grant anything decent a "10 of 10" - not much migration to the mean here.

OK, the paddle. I've used it, maybe, 20 times over 4 years. Have also used Werners, Lendals, etc. I own 3 other paddles.

- Thin, low angle touring blade doesn't sail much in the wind, even unfeathered. Decent catch for it's shape. Good overall blade volume for touring. Materials appear to be durable (not "top shelf', but...). Inexpensive. Sometimes, dirt cheap if on sale.

- Some cavitation on sweeping blade. Not light, but not heavy for it's class. Shaft connector is tight, but fits better without the rubber gasket there ( no problem using paddle without it, and it fell off by itself on mine ). You look like you're swinging a cheap paddle (no "designer" cachet with this stick)

Overall, for the money it's a good auxiliary, or beginner, paddle. The narrow blades mean it stores well on deck as a backup paddle. If anyone says "I wouldn't trust my life to that paddle", ask them when the last time was they were on a remote area expedition. Yup....


I am a casual kayaker and for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/7/2002
I am a casual kayaker and for this reason very much enjoy this paddle. It is lightweight (at least compared ot my wife's aluminum paddle) and comfortable, and it seems to move a lot of water per stroke. I am paddling a Perception Carolina. The biggest drawback is how tight the 2 pieces fit together. It almost take 2 people to join or separate the 2 parts, thus the 7 rating.

I like this paddle very much,…

Submitted by: yakman602000 on 1/17/2002
I like this paddle very much, it is light weight at about 28 oz. It is a fiberglass shaft, the lightest in that series. I gave it a 9 because it's not ultra light, not to far from being so. Less than half the price under $150.00. best bang for the buck.

I ordered this paddle sight…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/10/2001
I ordered this paddle sight unseen, over the web. Big mistake. The fiberglass shaft seems high quality, but it's small in diameter, and the ferrule is cheesy plastic. The blades are cheesy plastic, too (yeah, I know, they are "nylon glass"). One of the blades was warped in two places. The blades are not very stiff. Needless to say, the paddle is going back.

Not so sure what to think.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/23/2001
Not so sure what to think. This was my first paddle ever. I loved the low weight for the price. Much nicer than the aluminum paddles. The performance overall was great for the first 10 times I used it. This morning I snapped it in half. I am a complete rookie, have only been kayaking for about a month. I was playing around with wet exits and even tried to right my self (roll) this is when I felt the shaft crack right where the release button is. (two part paddle) I don't know if it was bad form (well yeah, did you teach your self to Eskimo roll?) of if the paddle could have been stronger. I tried to follow what was in a book. I positioned one hand close to the blade and the other closer to the center. When I made a huge and powerful sweep I felt it crack just as I started my "hip snap". I would love to hear about your experiences. Is it always this easy to break a paddle with just the resistance of the water? How about Harmony's paddles in general? Are one piece paddles stronger? And yeah, I know I need lessons. -Thanks, Steve