Gullwing Ergonomic Kayak Paddle

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Gullwing Ergonomic Kayak Paddle Description

Why dig when you can glide? The Gullwing Ergonomic Kayak Paddle was designed for paddlers with back or shoulder issues, but has been enthusiastically received by a wide variety of paddlers. The innovative features of this paddle include angled blades that cut just below the water surface for glide rather than heavy dipping, changeable blades, bowed handle contoured like a kayak’s prow made of powder-coated aluminum for lightweight paddling and improved grip, and above all, an ergonomic design for hours of fatigue-free paddling. Available in two models: 215 is a traditional kayak paddle designed for recreational paddling ($139) and 230 is a longer paddle designed for taller people or kayak fishing ($149). Coordinating paddle accessories are also available on Gullwing's website.

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Gullwing Ergonomic Kayak Paddle Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Nylon & Fiberglass blade with powder-coated aluminum alloy handle

Additional Attributes

  • Nylon/fiberglass blade for lightness, durability and extra power
  • Ergonomic design permits hours of tireless paddling
  • Reflective strip, front and back, for safety
  • Curve bow handle for ergonomic comfort plus drip prevention
  • Curved blades for enhanced strokes
  • Angled, asymmetrically shaped blades carve out maximum water area for greater speed and straighter glide
  • Powder-coated aluminum alloy handle for light weight and advantaged grip
  • Paddle breaks down into three components for easy storage
  • Snap on/off blade makes replacement easy

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Gullwing Ergonomic Kayak Paddle Reviews

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I have used this paddle for…

Submitted by: paddler812437 on 7/2/2020
I have used this paddle for several years and love it. I started using it because I got a zinging up my arm from the regular paddle. This one fixed that. I broke my shoulder three months ago and have been out kayaking four times in the last few weeks and have not had any problems. I highly recommend this paddle if you have joint issues. I paddle on lakes and rivers, but do not do any whitewater.

Bought this about 6 years ago…

Submitted by: kayakingrandpa on 6/3/2020
Bought this about 6 years ago because arthritis was causing problems. Was fine paddling in the river or on lakes. Got a kayaking buddy and went paddling in the sea. One of the paddles sheared off. Now I can't contact the manufacturer on the website advertised on the paddle. Was great in calm water, don't think I'd trust it for ocean kayaking.

I started using the Gull…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/17/2019

I started using the Gull Wing paddle 4- years ago because my shoulders were paining me at the end of a day of paddling using a regular paddle. The Gull wing paddle did give my shoulders some relief. Everything that keeps me out on the water is definitely worth using!  

My Bay Oru Kayak slices through the water with the Gull Wing Paddle and I love the stable way the paddle sits across the cock pit when I’m stopping to eat or use my camera.

At the end of the day, I love the way the paddle heads detach from the handle. It makes storage easier and safer for the heads. 

-A Determined 72-year old woman paddler


It takes some getting use to…

Submitted by: paddler500119 on 4/16/2019

It takes some getting use to the different stroke with this paddle, but once you get use to it, it is great. The blades will probably crack or break under pressure, as reported by some buyers. Over all if you have shoulder or back problems as I do it is a great paddle.