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Been paddling with a cedar…

Submitted by: PADDLEGUY on 10/2/2018

Been paddling with a cedar skinny stick for last 4 years. As my comfort level and skill improved I started to develop my ideas on what sort of performance I wanted in my next GP. Once I had a clear picture of changes I started looking for a source. I interviewed several paddle makers but felt they were trying to sell me on their designs rather than crafting a stick to my requirements. Then along came Chad Quinn at Bear Traditional Kayaks in Brevard NC. After much online discussion I felt that we were on the same page. Chad does classes on paddle making and skin on frame kayaks. I signed up for the paddle class to coincide with my summer kayaking trip to Lake Jocassee SC. Chad and I spent the first hour or two taking measurements, discussing short comings of my current GP. After deciding on the changes he helped me draw layout lines on a beautiful straight grain cedar blank. From there Chad did the rough cutting of the basic shape and showed me how to begin shaping with the hand plane. After two days of shaping and sanding my new stick was ready for finish. That night Chad applied several coats of teak oil and burned the Bear logo in one blade and coated the blade tips with epoxy resin. I left his shop with a paddle that fully reflected my ideas and the proof would soon be in the paddling. Yes it took several hours to adjust my stroke to this GP but I wasn't disappointed. This stick was lighter with thinner blades and a bit more length which was just the ticket. As I usually paddle a light narrow boat in sheltered waters it's weight and flexy blades give me effortless power. The experience of crafting my own stick under the guidance of a master craftsman was a wonderful exercise for this almost 70 yr old kayaker. My thoughts now turn to the prospect of building a skin on frame this winter in Chad's shop.


I have had two greenland…

Submitted by: gchambers on 9/10/2018

I have had two greenland paddles made by Chad of Bear Traditional Kayaks in Brevard, NC. Both paddles were very different and both very good. One was a shoulderless paddle designed for play. The second was a shouldered paddle designed for long distance paddling and comfort of the grip. Bear Traditional Kayaks hit it out of the park on both paddles. Both were excellent for their intended purpose and had well thought out features that enhanced ability for the specific purpose of each paddle. I especially like the blade thickness taper on the long distance paddle. It is a very efficient paddle that allows the paddler to comfortably and efficiently cover distance. It is also great at power transfer without being harsh on the body. In other words, it is stiff where it needs to be stiff to provide great power and speed but does not beat up the joints like many composite paddles. Chad and Bear Traditional Kayaks get a well deserved and earned A+ on both projects.