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Yukon Description

The Yukon is a kayak brought to you by Folbot. Read Yukon reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Yukon Specs and Features

  • Structure: Folding

Yukon Reviews

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Yukon by Folbot. Purchased…

Submitted by: paddler463471 on 8/24/2018

Yukon by Folbot. Purchased my kayak in 2009. Also bought the spray deck and skirt, the comfy yellow blow up seat and rudder kit. I barely got to use it because life just got in the way. The few times that I did I thoroughly enjoyed it. I only just found out the company closed down. 


Yukon is a Great foldable…

Submitted by: paddler236535 on 9/24/2015
Yukon is a Great foldable kayak I bought from REI in 2014. Put two seasons in it here in Alaska. Boat takes a little finesse to put together but fairly simple. On the water it tracks very well without the need for a rudder...stability is great, put one of the kids in in it up front and it performed well w a 280 lb load...the seat strap clasp broke 1st season and the stern and bow flotation bags all have seam leaks...other then these minor flaws, boat and materials are very well made...excellent kayak for the money. Used mostly on lakes, took swells pretty well from passing motor boats...

I purchased my Yukon in 2006…

Submitted by: raycgainey on 2/3/2015
I purchased my Yukon in 2006 after a lot of research and I have never regretted it. I've paddled on all kinds of water from farm ponds to quiet rivers to large reservoirs and salt water including salt marshes and parts of the inland waterway along the Atlantic. It's never disappointed me.

The stability is fantastic and the handling and speed fine for the design. And I can't say enough about the durability. I had an unfortunate accident when rushing home from a day of fishing for a minor family medical emergency. I had broken the Yukon down enough to get the frame in two halves and in the back of my van. I didn't realize the liftgate had not latched and half the frame slipped out on the highway. I hurried back as soon as I could turn around, certain all I would find would be scraps of aluminum. Amazingly, no one had hit it and the tubing had suffered no more than scuffs. It has performed flawlessly since and none of the frame components have failed.

Folbot's service has always been exceptional as well. When I had the accident losing the frame out the back of the van, it did damage some of the plastic caps on the tubing. I e-mailed Folbot asking for some replacement and the price for the parts. Folbot immediately sent me a number of the plugs with no bill. They've also always been super-responsive when I've needed advice or solutions to problems.

I would buy another Yukon in a heartbeat. My son kayaks with me sometimes. He has a Folbot Cooper. Now that boat is fast. Or maybe it's the younger "motor"!


Well built, easy to assemble,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/19/2013
Well built, easy to assemble, tracks well and can be carried by any vehicle, which is the advantage of a folding kayak. We have had ours since 2009 and really enjoy the portability no mater how you want to travel.

I purchased a red Yukon (rojo…

Submitted by: paddler234938 on 3/30/2013
I purchased a red Yukon (rojo la barcaza) after much research including testing a Long Haul Ute (the original narrow beam notably tippy version which weighed 54# - it had two hatches and keel strips). The Ute is faster and probably more durable but does not lend itself to activities such as photography or ease of entry/exit due to its lack of initial stability.

The Yukon is only 42#, very quick to assemble with only three crosspieces, has a large cockpit and load capacity, extremely stable but I still average ~ 3 mph without trying to go fast – if you work at it steadily 3.5 mph is realistic and I am no hard core paddler.

IMO the jury is still out on the durability of the new Elvaloy hull – mine is already scuffed a bit at some pressure points even though I bought the expedition version – nothing even close to leaking though. I can go quite a few hours but not without some squirming so I'm considering upgrading to a different seat - I have the standard one. I've assembled it four times and each time found some aluminum shavings inside… cringe.

I've only had it three months but have used it quite a bit and would almost certainly buy another if something happened to mine.


I am a 75 year old paddler,…

Submitted by: paddler234856 on 12/10/2012
I am a 75 year old paddler, and I love the Yukon Folbot. It is exceptionally stable, which allows me to paddle year round in Virginia. I added a carrying thwart that is removable, so the only problem with a kayak has been solved. I can easily cartop the kayak with the yoke and then remove it when at the water's edge. The hardware I used also accepts a sailing leeboard thwart, so I have eliminated hassle and maximized the utility of the carrying thwart unit. The Yukon tracks well, and with my carbon fiber paddle, I cruise effortlessly. As an old-timer, I have difficulty getting up from the low seat position to disembark, so I added a pull line from the bow to assist me. Works very well. The Yukon is a very good choice for us older paddlers.

Got my Yukon a couple of…

Submitted by: paddler230907 on 12/16/2004
Got my Yukon a couple of months ago and will be going on first extended trip over the holidays down the Colorado from Hoover Dam to Davis Dam. So far, the boat tracks like a dream, it's comfortable (even though I'm on the small size for the Yukon-5'8" and 220#) and it'll hold plenty of gear aside from my substantial bottom! They say the rudder is good for winds and current (I'll find out next week, but I find her quite responsive without using it. If I were to do it over again, I'd buy it again. The only reason I gave her a nine is that the rudder is too darn sensitive-all I do is think about it and the boat turns!

I love my Yukon. I paddled…

Submitted by: paddler230497 on 4/2/2004
I love my Yukon. I paddled the Yukon and the Kodiak over in SC at the factory. The Yukon is a little more stable and a lot more roomy. The Kodiak seemed marginally faster. All in all I thought the Yukon was the best choice. I have paddled in Florida in 20 knot winds. I paddled the Napa and Russian rivers (CA) and across Richardson Bay and Raccon Strait to Angel Island (San Francisco). I paddle a small lake in GA regularly. It's just a fun easy and relatively fast boat to paddle. I also have the BSD BOSS outriggers and 36 ft Batwing sail and it sails very well. All around the boat is great personal boat that sets up easy and travels well.

There were wrinkles in the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/18/2004
There were wrinkles in the nose of the boat which are not present in any other Folbot models I have seen. Folbot has no remedy. They told me to use the boat and the skin would get tighter. Its been a year now and I have used it a dozen times at least. Great boat on every other aspect in all conditions I have encountered. Rudder neccesary only for sail, in my opinion.

I bought the Yukon from…

Submitted by: krwahl63 on 11/8/2002
I bought the Yukon from Folbot during their summer sale. The construction is spectacular, it is easy to set up, and has plenty of room for myself and my stuff. It is built for the bigger guy (although I am on the small end of the big guy range... 6' and 190 pounds).

She is being used for a combination usage between the Conencticut River and Long Island Sound. Since some of the power boats on the river tend to squat in the stern (read that as poor trim) as they go by, I have had some ample testing in heavy sea and cross chop conditions. She handles these well. Also the steady swells on the sound are taken with grace... she floats on top like a duck... no burying of the bow... no broaching.

Tracking is spectacular. Point her at a bearing target and she goes.

I ordered her as the expedition package which is just smart economics... for a few dollars more, you get the emergency repair package, deck rigging, and rudder.

I researched a great deal before buying this kayak and I can categorically state that many of the conjecture about folders and this type of folding kayak in particular may be called myths. The rudder is suggested for ease of use, yes, but I can make similar turns with the paddle and leaning. Body English is easily used in this vessel and is useful when taking a wave broadside. "Speed" is not an issue... departing Hamburg Cove into the heavy traffic area of the Connecticut River the other day, I left a series of hard shells of a variety of materials and design in the dust without trying... and when it came to putting the "Post Toasties" into the stroke to cross the channel, they did not even come close.

The only criticism I had is that I bought and Aleut for my signicant other. The boats came un-labeled in their packaging and figuring what went where the first time around was painful (two sizes with similar boats). That said, when I informed the people at Folbot, the president sent his own personal note about how they would remedy that problem in the future.

A great portable kayak that is fantastic for someone ready to indulge in the sport seriously.