Temptation 10

10' 3"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Temptation 10 Description

CRS + Molded-In Seat Provides Comfort and Fold-Down Convenience
Solace Storage Hatch for Added Storage Beneath the Deck
Molded-In Freedom Footwells for Comfort and Secure Foot Bracing

Temptation 10 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Emotion Kayaks, Inc.
Temptation 10 Reviews

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This is my very first kayak…

Submitted by: paddler560284 on 10/7/2019

This is my very first kayak and I love the experience out on the water on a recent fishing trip. I've been trying to find out where do I buy accessories for this kayak like gps mount, paddle clips, net...bought mines used so it didn't have one and other things if I wanted to upgrade some things like a raised seat or anchor system? Please help if this is possible.


Very quick handling boat. My…

Submitted by: paddler516692 on 6/13/2019

Very quick handling boat. My wife has no issues keeping up with me in a 12' Pescador. She likes the molded foot rests much more than the track style. It allows you to shift leg positions without losing any leverage on the boat. We ended up adding a single flush rod holder and an 8" hatch/cat bag combo behind the seat (hatch just barely fits).

I'm not a huge fan of the front OEM hatch system, but it does seal well.

Back rest is good for longer paddles, but the lack of seat pad requires the use of a thermocell type foam pad.

Overall a very nice rec kayak and on par with any of the mid/higher end boats.


OMG. How many ways do I love…

Submitted by: paddler236973 on 7/26/2016
OMG. How many ways do I love thee? This is a wonderful kayak. I bought it based on the reviews and they are spot on! I use it on streams and rivers in Florida. It is responsive, it glides beautifully, it tracks straight as an arrow, turns on a dime. It's relatively lightweight, durable, and fun, fun, fun to paddle. Everyone I loan it to lusts after it and a friend even bought one for herself after trying out mine. Did I mention that I love this thing?

Love this kayak. Bought the…

Submitted by: paddler236909 on 7/1/2016
Love this kayak. Bought the first one early last year and liked it so much, I purchased another. Extremely stable kayak for its size. Built in foot rest a godsend. I am 6'1" and can very easily get in and out of it. Very stable and responsive underway. So stable that I sometimes welcome boat wakes to test its ability. Highly recommend for a starter yak.....

I could not be happier with…

Submitted by: paddler236530 on 9/22/2015
I could not be happier with this kayak. I bought it based on reviews and was quite nervous about buying some thing I had never tried out. But the reviews proved accurate: this kayak is wonderful! It is highly maneuverable, quick in the water, and responsive. There is minimal sway going forward, much better than I would have expected for a short boat. It is relatively light weight but sturdy. The only downside is that the backrest does not come with an attached seat, so I have to throw in an additional cushion for my butt. Not a problem on calm waters, but if I have to portage or get in and out a lot, the extra seat is a hassle. You don't want to kayak without a seat tho, for long periods of time. I have loaned this kayak to others and they get immediately sold on it. Can't go wrong!

This boat is lightweight,…

Submitted by: doremus717 on 8/23/2014
This boat is lightweight, easy to carry, and has great stability. The internal cargo storage is great to hold your gear, while the rear, external cargo is perfect for the things you will need on to go. I've had this boat for 6 years and it is still in great shape.
Highly recommended!

I am a 6'3" kayaker from…

Submitted by: doremus717 on 10/4/2013
I am a 6'3" kayaker from central PA, and this awesome boat has done everything that I could've asked and more. It is stable enough to make it through lower class rapids, and has the ability not to rock back and forth while in flat waters. It also performs like a champ when paddling through ocean waves, with the ability to easily hop back on after rolling over. The fact that I can stand up on this non-angler boat with ease says something about the design. Despite the lack of any waterproof storage, the boat is a substantial amount of storage capacity, whether in the back trunk or the front hole, leading to the hollow boat.

I would recommend this boat to any recreational kayaker, experienced or beginner. After 5 years, I'm still as pleased as day 1


Decided on the Temptation…

Submitted by: rnsparky on 4/10/2012
Decided on the Temptation after much web searching for a good all purpose SOT; suitable for surf, mild white water, and lakes. Paddles nice! The 10 ft length seems great for stability, maneuverability, and has some glide.
Only negative is the attached seat back, which is comfortable, but Emotion should just delete it and go with a full clip-on seat.

I'm a 5'3" 62 yo female,…

Submitted by: paddler234412 on 1/18/2012
I'm a 5'3" 62 yo female, bought the Temptation due to knee problems: can't bend them! So I needed a stable,light weight SOT for geocaching (need to get in and out a lot)and just fun. This is my 5th kayak, and definitely the easiest to enter and exit.

I'm able to keep up with the others in the group without undo effort, and sitting up higher than most makes it easier to reach things and see around. The height means a little more wind resistance. I had to put a Harmony seat in for comfort but now can sit for several hours comfortably. Love the paddle holders, often use one for a hiking pole. I put plugs in the seat and foot holes, as I was too wet without them, and that has worked perfectly. Foot rests are comfortable and I switch lengths occasionally for comfort.

My only complaint is that the foot rests take up a lot of room that I used to have for placing my camera, binoculars, lunch, GPSr, etc. within reach. I added a mount for the GPSr and that helped.

All in all, no serious complaints and its working very well for the activities I use it for.


I bought my Emotion…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/26/2011
I bought my Emotion Temptation back in August. My girlfriend has one too. We've taken them to four states in slow moving rivers and lakes. They are absolutely the best! We are new to kayaking so we don't have much to compare with, but I feel like they track well, handle choppy water well, are very stable, light and tough. A little touch like the paddle keeper is a bonus.

I just can't think of anything negative, or even less than great to say. Emotion customer service is without peer. Now the weather is getting cold and they are both in storage. I can't wait for Spring!!


When I got this kayak I sat…

Submitted by: paddler234290 on 9/16/2011
When I got this kayak I sat in the yard in it and I knew this was the right thing. I have had a inflatable kayak and this is amazing I am loving the speed through the water how is effortless navigates. Today was so much fun I pushed the kayak so hard I flipped it and it was easy to flip back over. I love my Emotion kayak and their customer service is amazing I emailed them to tell them how much I like my kayak and they are sending me a t-shirt that is cool. Thanks Emotion for my Temptation.

This was my first time to…

Submitted by: amf on 6/13/2011
This was my first time to paddle a SOT, and I found it quite enjoyable during an afternoon’s paddle. While not tricked out like some of these can get, it seemed to have all the basics. The fold up seat back was quite comfortable - the back was narrow enough so as to not interfere with body movement, and it could hold a good upright paddling position. As much as I liked the seatback, it was also the source of my biggest complaint in that it can interfere with a wet re-entry. Guess you can’t have everything! Foot positions were likewise comfortable, but prospective purchasers with extra long legs may find them inadequate. The bow hatch cover was completely watertight, even when burying the nose.

On the move I found the Temptation both stable (I could stand up in it & paddle) and surprisingly maneuverable (I could even get a modest edge on it for peeling out of eddies). Since it is short, it's no speed racer if that is what you are after. Its weight is very reasonable for a SOT.

I could definitely see adding this to my fleet!


We just purchased the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/10/2011
We just purchased the sit-on-top Temptation kayak by Emotion Kayaks. So far we like it. We're new to kayaking and can't wait to get more experience.

I just wanted to alert others about one concern we have practicing re-entries with this kayak. If you're wearing a wetsuit, it can become snagged on the paddle holder hooks located on both sides of seat. We both got snagged, my wife on the back of her suit. I had to help her unhook herself. I'm glad this happened in shallow water since she would have been forced faced down into the water with the kayak on her back in a real spill. We definitely need a solution to prevent this from happening again and I'm considering removing or covering the hooks.


I am 63 and grand daughter…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/4/2010
I am 63 and grand daughter 13. We recently went kayaking for first time and knew we had to get our own. We looked around but did not have a clue how to buy one. We got lucky when we walked into a local store and met Chuck. He and his wife both run a store and are all about what they do. He chose the EMOTION for us according to how we would be using it. We will never regret buying them or meeting him. Within a week I have already had a friend who has a kayak ask to try one of ours because he is sure he wants to get one too. He has read so many good things about the Emotion. I am a proud owner of my kayak.

I was looking for a 12' fun…

Submitted by: RobertG on 4/15/2010
I was looking for a 12' fun SOT kayak to paddle the intra-coatal waters in South Fla. I have a Current Design Squamish that tracks & handles great for me.

Steve the owner of Adventure Time Kayak in North Palm Beach suggested I demo the 10'3" Temptation. He said it tracked as good as some of the 12' kayaks, & weighed 20% less for easier car topping. Steve was right, this is my #1 boat to kayak now, it is very stable, tracks great for a small kayak. You do not have the annoying side to side tracking in a smaller kayak. Storage is unbelievable, lots of room in bows dry hatch, comfortable fold down seat, cup holder, place to put a GPS, lots of open storage in stern, & paddle ledges with paddle keepers.

Great customer service at Emotion they picked up the phone right away & were very helpful. I think the Emotion Temptation is one of the best kept secrets for a small kayaks that tracks like a much larger one, is fun to paddle in different conditions, with lots of storage.

Thanks Steve for suggesting the right kayak, & for Emotion for building a first rate kayak.



Submitted by: paddler233464 on 1/7/2010
I LOVE THE TEMPTATION!!! one of the best boats I've ever paddled, I recommend it to all my friends. I found out about it through Outside magazine, it won one of their awards, and I looked into it further to find out it's won tons of awards over the past few years. And not even over $1000! amazing. I love it. I have paddled a few emotion boats and this one is definitely my favorite. My husband and I both got one and go for long paddles together, then the kids take them out to play around on. Stable, tracks easily, and just an all around fun and easy to use boat.

The Temptation is boat number…

Submitted by: paddler233056 on 4/1/2009
The Temptation is boat number 9 in my plastic navy. Just when I thought I had every base covered I realized the need for a smaller boat - but also one that would be practical in that if so desired I would be able to keep it on the roof of my jeep - and have no fear of it filling up with water. This meant a SOT and I quickly narrowed my choice's down to 3: The Perception Torrent, and two boats by Emotion Kayaks - the Exhilirator and the Temptation.

My dealer told me about Emotion Kayaks recently, and maybe that struck a chord because after doing some on-line research the Torrent was eliminated next - but only due to my size: 6'7" and 295 lbs which seemed on paper to be too much for that particular boat. So I went and checked out the Exhilirator first at the dealer - since it was now my first choice. I sat in it and was ok with it - but when I sat in the Temptation - I knew that was going to be the one - because even with my large size - I still had room to spare - and that never happens.

I chose a day to test drive this new boat of mine when the Housatonic River was doing some un-natural things due to the un-even bottom and the way it passes through two bridges - one right after the other - between Shelton and Derby - which causes the river to flow not only down stream - but up stream at the same time. It is a sight to behold - if you catch it right - you can shoot down the river for maybe 100 feet - then carve real hard and get sent back up-stream. Plus the whirlpools add even more excitement...

Ok - I paddled out - then I realized I forgot to put the scupper plugs in - as the water is still quite cold this time of year. To my surprise - I had no idea how to install scupper plugs - they did not seem to go from top to bottom well - but on the other hand went from the bottom to the top quite well - so I went out with just the 2 seat plugs in - the hell with the rest - cause you're gonna get wet in a SOT anyway, right ?? Well I paddled against the strong current - with one of my 'not so good paddles' - don't know what I was thinking - but the boat made headway quite well. I finally made it to where the current was ripping good - and man this boat was a total blast. For a solid 30 min all I did was zoom back and forth with the currents - and at times cutting right into an opposing current - just to see what happens...

With my 14 foot boats - I've lost control more than once on this patch of river - but with the Temptation I felt that I was in complete control the whole time. I paddled back, and for the first time it occurred to me that a testimony would be in order - because this boat made me realize just how much fun kayaking is supposed to be - something as an environmentalist - I forget from time to time. I also found it to track very well - a bonus for such a small boat.

While the only faults I could find with the boat is the scupper plug install - and again, I have no idea how to do it anyway - one thing I did notice is when I had the boat left out in the rain - the inside compartment had some water in it - so it's important to use a dry bag in there or a sealed container.

All in all - I still feel justified in giving this boat a solid 10 out of 10 when it comes to rating it.

In fact, even though I split my waterproof pants getting out of it - as soon as my new pair arrives - I'll be out with this boat ASAP because it's that much fun and it's that comfortable - something I am not always used to experiencing when out kayaking. If you love smaller rivers and playing around when the water gets rough - this is the boat for you. I know I'll never leave home without it - unless of course I'm using one of my other boats...