ID 7.0

by  Dagger

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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ID 7.0 Reviews

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The Dagger Id was considered…

Submitted by: jalbrecht on 8/4/2014
The Dagger Id was considered extreme when it was introduced, but now serves as a fun river-runner. Personally I don't like boats that depend on being really wide for stability, so I like the Id because it's narrow enough to be fast.

Further to previous review, I…

Submitted by: paddler230293 on 7/31/2003
Further to previous review, I have now had a dozen ocean surfs, four trips to the Sydney white water stadium, and a couple of river runs. I'm still very happy with the boat, but more so, friends who are much more skilled playboaters than me have all had goes, and while they wont give up their Space Cadets, Kingpins and Chronics, they all liked it and found it very easy to cartwheel. For myself I find it the best combination river runner playboat of my group of paddlers. I can run the drops and navigate the very tricky rock gardens and gorges, and then play in the waves and on the flat water sections between. A few times over a drop I would have been more comfortable with a bit more volume, but then I'd have a creek boat and not be able to play. So I say it's a great boat for me, and any one who can only afford one boat to do two things. Having said that i may be short selling the boats freestyle ability, as my skill in that area is only mediocre. others can push it much further than I can.

Haven't had any rivers…

Submitted by: paddler230089 on 4/10/2003
Haven't had any rivers running since getting this boat, so my review is based on flat water, ocean surf (6' to 7' waves) and one trip to a ww stadium (soon to be two trips). It's an excellent boat. In the sea surf I was managing to bounce almost completely out of the water off the front of the wave. 180 turns on the surf pile are dead easy, back and side surfs without even trying. On flat water I'm still learning, but I can get a stern or bow in with ease, and have almost got a cartwheel. At the ww stadium (Sydney) which is 300m of grade 3, I had no problems downriver running, and found it very easy to control. I'm only a beginner at surfing etc, but it seemed easy enough to get into the holes and play. If as I learn more I still like it as much as I do now, I'll put the rating up.