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I held off reviewing this…

Submitted by: tundrawalker on 7/19/2022

I held off reviewing this boat until I owned it for about a year because it's so different than any other boat I've paddled. Designed as a downriver racing boat, this canoe has high-ish sides, 2.5 inches of rocker on each end and a round bottom. It's narrow, but to my 5'7" frame, it's perfect for kneeling. My knees lock in. The boat is skittish at rest, but locks up under speed -- and there's plenty of that. Acceleration is unrivaled -- I was able to paddle faster in this than I was in my Sawyer Summersong (GPS verified). Maneuverability is amazing once you learn to heel the boat. I've paddled this boat in flat water, the Lake Michigan surf and in whitewater features up to Class II. It doesn't disappoint. The only reason I don't give it five stars because it's not a perfect tripper -- turning around to look in your bag while floating is ill-advised. Again, it's touchy, but like any thoroughbred stallion, handled with care it's predictable and fast. I understand Colden made a few of these after Curtis, but that the mold is now owned by another company. If it returns in a newfangled layup I'll buy another.


Oh my goodness, this is a fun…

Submitted by: timburris on 10/19/2014
Oh my goodness, this is a fun boat! I had heard that it is squirrely with its narrow width and round bottom, but I paddle a couple of other so-called "squirrely" boats and found this was quite predictable. It isn’t a novice’s boat, but anyone with a lot of time in other solo sport boats should have little trouble adjusting. Ideal for kneeling –sitters might take issue with that statement.

The length to width ratio is 7, so this boat moves along nicely. With 2.5 inches of symmetrical rocker it turns on a dime. I paddled this boat for several days on tight, twisty streams in the NJ Pine Barrens. Even when I was going upstream I still had a smile on my face. An ideal tripping boat, it instills confidence in bad conditions. Fit and finish? It was built by Dave Curtis, one of the best detailers in the business.

Of course, there are only a few dozen of these originals around. The good news: Colden Canoe is building his Dragonfly from the same mold. I spent several days in the Colden, and it is every bit as fun and well built. Obviously, this boat isn't for everyone, but it is good at what it does – and it is fun.