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Name: tundrawalker

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NRS knows its business. I'm actually a canoeist, not a kayaker. I wanted to find the Ninja, but 2020 provided a hurdle to that. This was for sale about 60 miles away for $50. An older gentleman had used it twice, but you couldn't tell by looking. Comfortable vest with thick but well-placed flotation. Doesn't interfere with canoe strokes a bit. The vest could use more attachment points, as others stated, but it is otherwise well-built and well-designed. The straps could make the L/XL fit anyone. I'm 5-7, 170.

I'm reviewing the Royalex version. I did a lot of searching to find a 15-foot canoe that would work as a small tandem in some of the tighter streams near home and also as a solo in some of the class 1-2 streams I paddle here in West Michigan. The positives -- tracks really well for a 15'x36" boat, but also turns exceptionally well. The wide middle is good for gear or dogs, but also for stability if you solo the boat on a saddle. This was designed to be a shorter do-all hull and I think they pretty much nailed it. The drawback is going to be speed -- if you're paddling flat water with a herd of 18-footers, you're going to have to work to keep up. I gave it 5 stars because I couldn't give it 4.75. If it was 34 or 35 inches wide vs 36, it would be the absolute perfect boat for tight, twisty, woody or rocky streams. As it is, it's pretty close.

I'm amending my previous review. This canoe is outstanding. No oil-canning at all, paddles almost as well solo with a leaning J or a C as it does tandem. Great, great canoe. If you see one, buy one.

Just picked this up for West Michigan rivers after doing research and reading reviews. Paid $450 used in R-Light with two large cold-crack repairs evident near the bow. Tracks extremely well, turns fairly well and has excellent initial and secondary stability. My daughter remarked that, from the bow seat, it seemed to be more stable and comfortable than my We-No-Nah Fisherman 14. I found it to be a nice complementary canoe for the family.