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Rebel Description

The Rebel is a kayak brought to you by Coleman. Read Rebel reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Rebel Reviews

Read reviews for the Rebel by Coleman as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I bought my Rebel as my...

I bought my Rebel as my first very own kayak. My previous paddling experience had been with my own large canoe, raft and canoe excursions with outfitters and rented sea kayaks at the beach on vacation. When I shopped for my own kayak I purchased the Rebel including the paddle and flotation vest at Dick's Sporting goods during the end of the season clearance sale for less than $200. It's very nice for a basic recreation kayak. I am able to load it on my compact hatchback using foam blocks and web straps in a few minutes. It's great for smooth lakes and handles well enough when the river gets choppy. The seat and foot rests are good and the paddle holder is a nice feature. I wouldn't use it for fast running rapids or long river trips.

This is a satisfactory...

This is a satisfactory kayak for the price. The kayak is made out of the cheaper polypropylene which gets scratched easier than most materials. Nothing special about this kayak. It is also heavier than most other kayaks in the same length and price ranges.

I was happy with the price...

I was happy with the price and it is a good entry level kayak. I would not take this on a very busy river though because the wakes of fast boats or large boats really hammer this thing. If you are in lakes and ponds and slow moving rivers this is an excellent starter...
It handles fine, moves pretty good but it is very unsteady in rougher waters --- I know because I took a swim...

I'm not writing to review...

I'm not writing to review this, just to drop some info as lots of people don't seem to be aware of this. A year ago I started looking for at kayaks (still haven't bought one as life has other things in mind for me at the moment) and noticed that all of the Coleman kayaks are re-branded Emotion kayaks so you might want to read those reviews.

Bought this last summer...

Bought this last summer for assist in geocaching. Had it out twice now including yesterday, and I have to say I am just OK with this kayak. Price was great at $249 with everything included. I can throw in on the roof of the Santa Fe by myself and be gone in 5 minutes. It's very comfortable to sit in and paddle.

Unfortunately, I believe that the textured surface makes it slow. It seems that the second I stop paddling, it wants to die in the water. Like I am pulling a sea anchor. I am always playing catch-up to the people I am out with. Also seems a little unstable and doesn't like to track real well, but that may just be my lack of experience. May try installing my own keel. I got around the lack of a water tight compartment with a 1-quart dry box from Wal-Mart for $8 (vs. $15 at Dick's). If nothing else, it's a good learning boat.

I have not kayaked since...

I have not kayaked since the 70's but did class 5 rapids on the Chatuge River back in the day. I use the kayak mostly for fishing on calmer lakes and rivers these days. This is a good entry level kayak with a decent seat. I added pole holders, spray skirt, and a cargo net bungee to replace their attempt at a bungee system. I wish it had dry storage but that is easily worked around with a dry bag. The kayak tracks good enough, is stable, maneuverable, and fast enough for a short kayak. It has been a joy to get back into kayaking and the Rebel suits my needs well. I wouldn't recommend it for serious white water running but for the beginning or intermediate paddler it should work just fine.

Disappointed for a Coleman product I expected better quality. On the first day…

Disappointed for a Coleman product I expected better quality.
On the first day on a river one foot brace broke. Drain plug fell out from force of water draining. Managed to find it on river bed in shallow water. On the second day the second foot pedal broke and the drain plug got lost again when draining because my son forgot to put in his pocket. (we did find it lodged in between two rocks... a miracle!) The drain plug retaining ring is very cheap ...

Last I am 6'2" and the edges of the kayak cockpit are very tight, upon rolling from white-water and exiting the kayak the cockpit edge acted like a knife and it shaved about 1/8" depth of skin off my shin. The scrape was 1-1/2" long and about 1/2" wide. This was three weeks ago and it still has not healed.

It does float and track fine for us, we have some experience in canoes and kayaks. The cockpit is very tight to get in and out of, my very athletic, trim, 18 year old (6'0") had some trouble tucking his legs inside. The life vest is good quality, ditto paddles and the kayak body. I am going to smooth the edges of the cockpit and forget about the foot pedals because after sitting down our feet are near the edges given the width of the kayak is not very wide. I won't take it on a river only lakes and ponds.

We actually returned this Kayak! I bought this for my wife since…

We actually returned this Kayak!
I bought this for my wife since the Equinox 10.4 was sold out at Costco. However, after being in the Equinox, the Rebel was awful. It is light which is nice, but the design makes it feel very top heavy, and quite unstable. I can sacrifice stability if the kayak seems fast, but this did not. I would recommend several other kayaks before this one.

In a nut shell: handles poorly, top heavy, unstable. The good is that it is lightweight and cheap. Also, I can't complain with the seat. We ended up picking up the FutureBeach Fusion 124, and are much happier. It has its cons, but overall much more stable and quick!

This is a great kayak. The...

This is a great kayak. The kayak is light and easy to carry. The kayak tracks well and paddles very easy. I took it out the other day and I went up river and had no problem. Then once I got up river then I turned around and floated with the river back to where I started. I would recommend this kayak to others.

OK let's start with the...

OK let's start with the fact that this is my first kayak. Price was a major issue since I didn't know how I was going to enjoy it so $249 for the package was a good deal, just be prepared to buy a different PFD.

Tracking is decent not great, it seems I spend a lot of time correcting my path, like a car with a loose front end. As for Speed/Glide it seems I have to dig quite a bit to keep up with my in-laws, but for most practical purposes it works, the high boards make it very susceptible to wind drift, so you will need to outfit it with a drag sock if you want to stay in one spot very long even on a calm day.

The seat is very comfortable, I have been out in this for an 8 hr fishing trip and no problems. I plan on using this a bit in a river, so I thought it would be a good idea to practice getting back in, the stern flotation bag fits so loose it is impossible to dump the water without bringing it to the shore and the lack of a bow bag makes it very difficult to get back in without it sinking... with the help of a couple foam blocks I have hopefully solved this problem! (keep an eye on e-bay if it works I might make them to sell way cheaper than the universal air bags) The cup holder is so big and shallow about the only thing that will fit securely is a canned beverage with a kooze.

All this being said I would recommend this to a friend looking for an entry level boat. In fact I have just bought a second one for my wife.
P.S. adding rod holders for my next trip

I was looking for a...

I was looking for a low-cost way to get a kayak, paddle, and PFD, and the Rebel was my choice. I had worked out a few other options (not package deals, like this) that would have saved me $30ish, but when I sat in those kayaks at the store I determined that they sucked. So, first off, I think this package is a great deal at $249. I've taken the kayak out twice now. Given this, my review does not consider the durability of this kayak.

The pros
Relative to other cheap kayaks, the seat in this boat is great. It adjusts easily, and is very comfortable.

The weight - At 37ish pounds, it is reasonable to carry a couple hundred yards if you're dropping in at a spot that doesn't have convenient parking.

Again, the price - Let's be clear, this is a lower-end kayak. But, it is at the very bottom of the price spectrum, and performs like a kayak a good bit above its price point.

Mediocre Points
The PFD doesn't seem to be designed for kayaking. It is a bottom of the line, just satisfy the law type of thing. If you're not going to wear it, it is fine. If you're planning to head in to hazardous waters, and will need to wear your life vest all the time, plan to buy something else. With that said, you pay damn near nothing for it, so it is acceptable for an entry-level kayaker like me.

Tracking - I'm not super experienced, but I have been in a few other kayaks. This one tracks well enough to be usable, but not great. Again, if you plan to use your boat on calm water, it is totally fine. If you're heading out into 2 foot swells, it will still work, but plan on some extra elbow grease.

The Cons
Storage - This boat does not have a dry storage compartment. That didn't matter to me, but maybe it does for you. I prefer the pretty good access that this boat allows to the area behind the seat. More importantly though, the bungee tie-downs suck. The way they are designed simply isn't good. It is too hard to explain here, but if you need to attach much gear to the top of your kayak, plan on doing some modifications. Those modifications won't be difficult, but still...

Not to keep harping on the price, but if you're looking at buying this boat, I'd bet it is a concern to you - just like it was for me. So, for $300 or less, I'd say this kayak is great. More than that, ehhhh... It is a great way to get going without spending a bunch of money.

On calm water, the Rebel is excellent, and you'd be a fool to spend more. On serious rivers, it will do the job, but may leave something to be desired.

Reading over my review you may think that my 8 out of 10 rating doesn't jibe with what I've said. And if this kayak package were $400, I'd say you're right. But again, remember what you're buying. This is an entry level boat, with a basic paddle and PFD. Given this criteria, I'd advise you to buy one. If you're just looking to cheapskate your way into serious kayaking, it ain't gonna work.

I have been looking for my...

I have been looking for my first kayak and had settled on 4 different opportunities. The Rebel went on sale at $249 including a paddle and life vest. Price was a significant issue so this became the best of the four.

I am very impressed with this kayak. I have paddled before in both very cheap and expensive kayaks. This kayak acts like a middle of the class boat. It tracks well, glides beautifully, and is quite comfortable. The seat is very comfortable and easy to adjust. The foot pegs can be moved aft just by pulling on the with your toes. I love the paddle groove. I take a lot of photos so this will be a great help.

I do wish there was provision for forward flotation, but I know how to fix that. (Thus the 9 instead of a 10)
All together, at $249, the Rebel is a great deal.

Great Kayak! It is the...

Great Kayak! It is the same as the Emotion Glide; Coleman just slapped their logo on it. I paddled for a few hours at a local Reservoir and was very impressed. It has good tracking for a short kayak and I was able to keep up with a 14' Dagger that had a drop skeg. The seat is comfortable and it is easy to maneuver. It comes as a package deal from Dicks Sporting Goods with a paddle, life jacket and float bag. If you're a beginner or just trying to get on the water cheap, you can't go wrong with this one.