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RAM-X 16

by  Coleman

This Product Has Been Discontinued

RAM-X 16 Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the RAM-X 16.

RAM-X 16 Reviews

Read reviews for the RAM-X 16 by Coleman as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I've had this boat for most…

Submitted by: Medlifer on 7/8/2015
I've had this boat for most of my life and it has definitely seen (and taken) a lot of abuse. It is basically an aluminum frame with a medium thick and flexible poly plastic mold. This is both good and bad. This does make it prone to oil canning and shape changing, but at the same time this boat can move over rocky rivers and such just fine. At 16' it's a beast. Heavy and awkward on land.

I would recommend this to someone with a few kids, dogs, coolers, camping stuff, and whatever else you want to bring along. It's stable and rugged.


Our first canoe was a Coleman…

Submitted by: paddler235743 on 7/13/2014
Our first canoe was a Coleman and we have used it for 7 years now. just the other day I got a Coleman Scanoe for use because of our backs so we can use a small motor. This thing was great. Lots of room to fish and put supplies. After having 2 Coleman canoes I will always go with that brand; really like them. Thanks for making them so all of us can have a great time with them.

I owned a "cooler" for 15…

Submitted by: crmcclelland on 9/9/2013
I owned a "cooler" for 15 years found it to be an excellent starter canoe. It's red color faded to a light pink hence the nickname "The Pink Banana" It took many hits including a tree falling on it and never sprung a leak.

just got back from weeks…

Submitted by: shoff on 9/7/2013
just got back from weeks camping and fishing on Rollins pond NY. My wife got me the Coleman 16' as a surprise for a trip to the thousand islands on the St. Laurence river in 1991. Have done hundreds of miles since in salt and fresh. Still loving the cooler. It is practically indestructible.

this canoe did well in…

Submitted by: unic7sw on 7/27/2013
this canoe did well in rivers, creeks and bays. We went through shallow areas and over sticks. This canoe took a licking and kept on going. I just wish it was mine. It was green poly something. Very tough.

I have just recently sold a…

Submitted by: paddler234950 on 4/10/2013
I have just recently sold a 1980 model 17 ft Coleman canoe. I paddled it on every creek and river within 50 miles of my Tennessee home and never was I disappointed in the performance. I paddled flat water for 51 miles on a Scout trip and class 2 whitewater. I purchased the canoe for $299 in 1980 and sold her for $300 in 2013. Wow! imagine that! Use the canoe for 33 years and make a profit. I still have the 13 foot model which is used solo to run class two whitewater. I will keep the 13.

I (along with all my other…

Submitted by: Puddface on 7/8/2011
I (along with all my other paddling friends) used to snicker at the sight of folks paddling a Coleman canoe. We would refer to them as "coolers", as in "Look out, here come a couple necks in a cooler." However, I learned to set aside my Royalex snobbery after actually paddling a cooler on the Emory Obed in January. This was many years ago when I was still learning to boat, and really shouldn't have been paddling Class III rapids - especially in a Coleman. But the darn thing actually impressed me - not with it's handling, but with it's strength. We broached it on a rock less than a mile from the Emory's confluence with the Obed and couldn't get it freed for quite a while. I am still amazed that it did not fold under a great deal of current for about an hour. Later my partner and I ran fast and hard straight into a jagged rock that I thought would rip into the bow; but it didn't. It only left a nasty dent that miraculously nearly disappeared within a week. I love my Old Town Tripper (royalex, 17' 2") but I have respect for the Coleman "cooler" canoes. Of course, I'd never own one though.

Coleman Canoes are awful. …

Submitted by: mr_canoehead on 2/7/2011
Coleman Canoes are awful. I'm not a canoe snob, as there are many affordable canoes I can appreciate. The hull design and construction make for the worst canoe I have paddled, and I have paddled many. Yes, they are tough, and yes, they have good initial stability. However, they don't handle well and have poor final stability.

A poly boat from Novacraft, Mad River, or Old Town will outperform these every day of the week. A used Royalex or Fiberglass boat will be even better.

I like Coleman coolers a great deal. I dislike Coleman canoes a great deal.


Coleman Scanoe bought in…

Submitted by: BillVang on 5/3/2006
Coleman Scanoe bought in 1982; ran a 5 hp on it for years-my poor man's bass rig. It has even feel off the truck on pavement and never hurt the tough Ram-X hull. My wife & I still use it to fish in-it's not too fast but very stable and gives a safe feeling even in rough waters. I think I'll keep it!

Coleman 17' for several years…

Submitted by: paddler231543 on 5/2/2006
Coleman 17' for several years I owned an older late 70's early 80's Orange/red Coleman 17' Canoe it was beat up scratched all over but I hunted and fished in it all over Montana from the Missouri River to the lakes and streams of the Rockies she NEVER once let me down, she was a very fine to manover and she would glide like she was on ice. I moved away from there and sold her, now I wish I had her back, but I'm sure she is still giving a lot of pleasure to whoever ownes her now.

I have had a Coleman 17ft Ram…

Submitted by: paddler230902 on 12/12/2004
I have had a Coleman 17ft Ram X since 1992. I've paddled it in Lake Ontario, in all conditions including the quick fierce storms that spring up there. I bounced down various creeks in the Adirondacks. I paddled for miles on the Erie Canal. I have countless hours on VA Eastern Shore salt marshes, Cheasapeake Bay creeks, and have even surfed her on the Ocean Side on 4 ft waves. (I tried anyways). Eastern North Carolina rivers and estuary's have been a favorite. Whitewatering on the James River near Richmond and some fun 3-4 rating rapids on the Appomatox River in Petersburg VA. I have rigged sails for it for the lakes and oceans and I carry a 13 ft pole for poling up rivers and rapids.

It is not a fancy canoe but it will carry tons of gear and three 220lb'ers albeit with only a few inches to spare on the gunwale. I am ready to graduate to a "fancier model" but I'll always keep my Coleman 17. It has quite a few scratches on her bottom due to scraping up on oyster bars, river gravel, and flying off the car once. The scratches are the only damage sustained after 12 yrs of abuse and neglect. I've gone through many paddles and she keeps going. I love it for extended camping trips and often carry a 3.5 hp outboard bolted to a 2x4. I highly recommend her if you are starting out or want a tough dependable slow boat. See you on the water.


Very satisfied with my canoe.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/21/2003
Very satisfied with my canoe. Cheap compared to what's out there. Great for beginners and weekend warriors. I've paddled Long Island, Catskills and Adirondacks. Buy one and have fun!

My Coleman 16' Gold Medalist…

Submitted by: paddler230260 on 7/16/2003
My Coleman 16' Gold Medalist has given us years of good service. I run a Tanak 1.5 H.P. Trolling motor on the side via a special mount. It's great for trolling and comes in handy during a gust of wind. For a starter caonoe we are happy with it's performance.

I bought my red Ram-X 15 in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/4/2003
I bought my red Ram-X 15 in 1995 from a discount club - you know, one of those stores that charges you $30 per year to buy stuff from them and then provides no bags or boxes to put it in. The extremely low price was the main reason for buying the Ram-X. The $299 figure even included two aluminum/plastic paddles and seat backs. We have since purchased Sawyer bent shaft paddles, but still carry one of the aluminum paddles as a spare. I figured, at that price how bad could it be? Well, aside from the issue of somewhat difficult handling in windy conditions, and the fact that, at 78 pounds, it weighs almost as much as a Grumman 18 foot aluminum canoe, it has been great! It is nearly indestructible, is very stable (if a little slow) and carries more than my wife and I need for a day trip. And we have had many. It's an excellent recreational canoe, and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a little grunting to get it on the car roof.

I got my coleman canoe in…

Submitted by: paddler229961 on 10/8/2002
I got my coleman canoe in 1983 in a trade. We live in Central Texas and I enjoy fishing the Blanco and San Marcos Rivers. My two son's grew up paddling and fishing those rivers. I still own it and it is doing just fine. My only complaints are it is hard to repair and it doesn't handle well in the wind. It is well over 20 years old and still giving us great service.

I have the Ram-x 17, and am…

Submitted by: paddler229079 on 1/23/2001
I have the Ram-x 17, and am totally satisfied with it despite the blatent draw-backs. I have been white water canoeing several times with large loads strapped down, and have had a riot. She is safe, steady, light and durable. She is as slow as they come, but when I'm cooking down a quick river, it just doesn't matter how sleek she is. Unless I'm loaded heavilly, the wind is a large obstacle, so I have to plan my trips around the wind. Other than that, I'm happy with my big red work-horse.

I dunno folks. I have a 93…

Submitted by: paddler228901 on 9/12/2000
I dunno folks. I have a 93 Ram-X 155 and have taken my two boys on almost all the Missouri Ozarks rivers. I gave it to them this year and it has about 400-450 rock botton miles on it and is good to go for plenty more. I figured it to be a crappy canoe when i got it but have changed my mind and am about to but two more.

Bought this 1986 16"…

Submitted by: paddler228774 on 7/26/2000
Bought this 1986 16" Coleman green canoe closeout sale at Bradless Dept store....figured a good deal........One outing on a local lake and it was up for sale in the local newspaper..canoe had too much drag, the bottom was flimsy if you needed to move around..the metal tubular supports were too few ..................Good cheap for a beater canoe on a local pond...not good for river...spend the extra money..we now have a Grumman aluminum or long paddling.

When we bought the coleman it…

Submitted by: paddler228482 on 3/13/2000
When we bought the coleman it was from a friend who was upgrading to an Old Town. He warned me that is was the "Least desireable" of all water craft but that it would be a good place to start. We have had her now for 3 years and the only thing I found that was not good was that it was hard as heck to keep her on track in the wind. Other than that this has bee n a lot of fun from the local fishing hole in Napa, the Napa River and some real pretty lakes in Oregon. It is a heavy tug to get up on the truck rack and portegeing can be a muscle straining adventure. I would advise one of those wheel carts that attatches to the bow or stern. ( I use an old skateboard at the dock when I am going solo) All in all it is a really great value for someone who is interested in canoeing for the first time.

Our Coleman Ram X-15 was 9…

Submitted by: paddler228305 on 9/27/1999
Our Coleman Ram X-15 was 9 years old when we purchased it and we have been out in lakes,and the schuykill river. It seems to maneuver and sweep well all while bouncing over large rocks. It seemed to turn and respond without much effort and made it through class II rapids.

This is my first canoe. The…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/30/1999
This is my first canoe. The price was so low that I had some fears that I might get a crummy boat. But I could not see spending $800 for something I might use once or twice. Two years later, I've had some many great outings. If anything, the convenience and indestructabilty of my "milk jug" canoe has been a real advantage to learning.

After stroking solo playboats…

Submitted by: paddler228164 on 7/7/1999
After stroking solo playboats in whitewater and long sleek, well keeled, touring canoes on big lakes, we dubbed her "The Pig" when somebody gave her to us. Figured she'd paddle like a waterlogged gum boot. But she graduated to a fond "Miss Piggy" after taking us over 400 miles of river and lakes on one 22 day trip in the Northwest Territories. She ain't fast but she's steady. She holds a lot, we had gear and food for 30 days, as she's wider and deeper than most craft her length. She's nearly indestructable but you can wear the bottom out if you drag it over enough miles of rock. She's keeled so better in wind than some. Struts under the seats prevent most oil canning. Old reliable, safe, a good starter canoe for a family - stable as all get out. You can dive off the gunnel when she's loaded, no kidding. Not a whole lot of finesse but a reliable standard.