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Name: BillVang

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My Quest first came with a hole in the bottom which was damaged by the carrier. I contacted NC and the shipper, had the boat inspected by the adjuster for NC, sent the kayak back to NC, and they sent me a new Quest, which was a step higher finish wise, at no extra cost. Talk about beautiful!! I have paddled on smooth lake water, and on water with two foot waves plus, 25 mph wind, and am very satisfied with handling, comfort, and speed. Thanks NC for a well engineered craft.

I bought the Ram-X Scanoe 1977 and used a 5HP motor on it for years, now only paddle power as cracks developed along the gunnels. My wife and I use for fishing and prefer it for the mobility, comfort, and stability. It also has been used to duck hunt with good results.

Coleman Scanoe bought in 1982; ran a 5 hp on it for years-my poor man's bass rig. It has even feel off the truck on pavement and never hurt the tough Ram-X hull. My wife & I still use it to fish in-it's not too fast but very stable and gives a safe feeling even in rough waters. I think I'll keep it!

I sold my Loon 138 and bought an Adventure XL160 to increase speed and performance. I then took a sea kayak course at LL Bean-one of the best days I've had lately. I have paddled up to five miles on two ocassions in flat calm water and in wind plus 2 foot swells, and did not think a rudder would have been useful. The stability, room, response, and straight tracking confirms my decision to buy this kayak.