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Menace Angler

by  Coleman

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Menace Angler Reviews


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Menace Angler Reviews

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I don't feel the boat tacks…

Submitted by: Yakety-yak on 9/13/2016
I don't feel the boat tacks well at all! Too much energy is lost in the "side to side" due in part mostly to it's shot fat design. This isn't something that can be overcome by expertise. I found it a little on the heavy side as well. On the plus side the molded handles are solid, well placed and very easy and convenient to grip. It's roomy and pretty stable, this little yak is bulletproof too! Overall for a flat water or slow stream boat it does OK, a good starter boat.

The "Menace" was my first yak…

Submitted by: Yakety-yak on 5/20/2015
The "Menace" was my first yak and was just enjoyable enough to make me want a another one (a different one). It really only has two qualities, stability and durability. It will take anything you can dish out and chug right along. I would recommend it as a starter or a beater. You will end up buying another kayak

Great kayak for the price. No…

Submitted by: Sidfreund on 9/7/2014
Great kayak for the price. No need to pay MSRP. This is my first fishing kayak. It is stable, easy to maneuver and a pleasure to paddle. Not great for long distances or speed, but that is not its intended purpose.

The Coleman Menace was my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/9/2013
The Coleman Menace was my first kayak purchase. Its price, sit on top style and wide profile appealed to me. Despite having no kayaking experience, I find it to be very stable. Since I only use it on a pond, speed is not a concern. The cloth seat is not very comfortable, but I am experimenting with the straps to see if it can be improved. If not, I may eventually purchase an upgraded seat.

This model does not come with a lot of extras, but the relatively low cost allowed me to purchase add-ons like an additional pole holder for the front, an anchor, a cleat, plugs and a cup holder. The first time out I easily maneuvered into tight spots. With some practice, it will only get easier.

In sum, I am quite happy with it and would recommend it, especially to beginners or others looking for a stable platform.


Got this kayak as a birthday…

Submitted by: paddler234332 on 10/21/2011
Got this kayak as a birthday present a few months ago - previously owned, but 'like new'. So far, I've taken it out to do some night catfishing on a lake; a few miles down the New river hunting for smallies; to some local ponds and smaller rivers for largemouth; and to OBX - Pamlico sound off Hatteras Island for speckled trout, red drum and flounder (got all three!).

High marks on stability, maneuverability, and load capacity. When I took it out into the sound (about 1&1/2 miles), it handled 2ft chop like a champ - even side to. Though it doesn't have a lot of room, it will comfortably fit a mid-size cooler or a 50-70lb dog on the back. The dry compartment is nice and roomy.

As the previous reviewer said, it's not made for speed - tough to keep up with others even if you're heading down with the current. I guess cause it's so wide, it has a tendency to turn sideways when you stop paddling - can be especially annoying when in the current, but I've managed to use that to my advantage when fishing along the river banks. You may also have to upgrade the seat - not too comfortable.

Overall, considering the price, I think it's a very good and safe fishing 'yak for beginners and will definitely burn off some calories. Lastly, don't try to stand up and pee off your kayak.


This kayak handles very well.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/17/2011
This kayak handles very well. I was able to troll and catch fish. I am very pleased with the results.

I nicknamed mine the fat rat.…

Submitted by: paddler234168 on 7/26/2011
I nicknamed mine the fat rat. You will not win any speed challenges with your buddies paddling this kayak. It tracks fairly well. Three of us did a section of the Cape Fear River in a 2-day trip. 17 miles the first day by the end of that day. Was smoked from the constant paddling to keep up with the other 2 kayaks. However if you are packing a large gear load like I was it is great. Very stable loaded or empty. Menace will turn on a dime, nearly inside its own body length. Didn't get any bites while trolling with it so can't say how it is fighting a fish from it.

Overall for the price not a bad kayak for someone that isn't worried about getting there fast and wants to pack in a load of gear.