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These were our first kayak…

Submitted by: cliffelam on 8/26/2015
These were our first kayak paddles - cheap and sturdy and easily found used. Not light and the blades are very wide but not super rigid.

The original chromed locking pins were cheap and rusted solid very quickly in salt water environments - and I wash things carefully after use. Luckily this is a cheap fix, but you have to be willing to use WD40 and a hammer to fix it. Beware dinging the aluminum.


I bought this paddle as a…

Submitted by: paddler231148 on 6/20/2005
I bought this paddle as a back-up for my IK since it is a two-piece. I used it a bit and believed that it was good paddle for the money (I paid $100). However I recently snapped the blade off of the paddle where it meets the shaft. I have never heard of this happening and it did not hit a rock. After looking at severed paddle I realized it had a manufacturing defect (an air pocket/void in the plastic of the paddle where it meets the shaft). This would be a good paddle if there was no defect (I would give it a 10/10). I feel fortunate that this didn't happen while I was in some of the bigger technical rapids earlier in the run - it could have been pretty serious. Cannon was great in that they sent a free replacement paddle and have corrected this rare problem in the manufacturing process. I would definitely still recommend this paddle as long as it is a new model (I think mine was a 2004).

I like this paddle so much I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/26/2003
I like this paddle so much I had to write a review. I found my first Cannon paddle on the side of a road one day, used it for fishing lakes and class 2 waters. I wanted another but was unsure of the model, so I e-mailed the company and was told I probably had an M2. I picked up another at my local outfitter for $79. It is light, durable, has a nice asymmetric spoon blade and nice handgrip area. I like it more than my aqua-bound sequel or my friend's Carlisle which cost twice as much. The company is now in the buyer's guide accessory section. Highly recommend.