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I bought my Vista slightly used - it'd gotten a few dozen paddles on it then it sat in a garage for a decade or so. I'm 6ft with 13D feet, so keep that in mind.

1> Bullet proof. Seriously, i met someone who lost his on the freeway at 70 and it was fine.
2> Forgiving. Really stable
3> Seat is great for me, I spent 5+ hours in it last weekend with no issue at all
4> Turns well once you get is angled good and hard

1> There simply isn't enough room for my feet down there, so that's bloody uncomfortable
2> Catches the wind as it is pretty high profile
3> Cockpit edge is sharp so literally impossible to brace against it
4> Slooooooow. Slower than my tandem with one paddler
5> Heavy - haven't weighed it, but pick up a lot of yaks and this one is at the "oof" end
6> Does not drain well after washing - always requires a wipe down with a towel ( this is a pet peeve of mine)
I've never tried to roll it, so can't comment on that.

We have three in different sizes as our "guest" PFD's for people we take out kayaking. I think the Small is very small but the Med/Large and Large/Extra-Large seem true to size.

All the sized adjust a lot on the side and top for comfort.
Brightly colored
Hold up well to sun and salt water - ours are well used but aren't raggedy or faded
Zippers are good quality

Pockets are useless to hold anything bigger than a whistle or mirror

These were our first kayak paddles - cheap and sturdy and easily found used. Not light and the blades are very wide but not super rigid.

The original chromed locking pins were cheap and rusted solid very quickly in salt water environments - and I wash things carefully after use. Luckily this is a cheap fix, but you have to be willing to use WD40 and a hammer to fix it. Beware dinging the aluminum.

We used our Sea Passages for quite a while before upgrading to carbon - they are light, sturdy, and have a good sized plastic blade with high rigidity. The ferrule locking mechanism is high quality and has not rusted or jammed in a salt water environment - I do wash carefully after a paddle, but that doesn't help cheap coated parts.

I bought this because i wanted a much higher backed PFD than what I was currently paddling in. I'm a cheapskate so waited for the end of season 50% off sale, but I think if I were to lose mine I'd shell out full list price.

The cut and fit of the PFD are excellent and I float comfortably. I usually wear an XL and the L/XL fit me fine. It would be big for a smaller large, if you follow.

The zippers are good, the padded and adjustable straps are both padded and adjustable. The pockets are huge, which is nice. It is also a nice looking PFD which is a nice change from boring orange.

Air horn - the PFD whistle's louder bigger brother. I don't carry mine on me, but I keep it in the day hatch within easy reach. When I'm in a channel with poor visibility I take it out and keep it in my lap.

Pro tip - point it *toward* the boat not paying attention, or at least away from your ear.
It's an attention getter and because it sounds *big* it makes people look around quickly!

I bought this paddle as NOS (New Old Stock) and have been well pleased with it. I find it light and well balanced. I like the "posi lock" feature as it lets me paddle with 0 offset, and then my son to use the same paddle with 90 degree offset.

We've got maybe 100 miles on it and the wear/tear seems very normal. I'd expect this to have a long lifespan. If you were to let the locking mechanism rust you'd have a heck of a time replacing it.

We bought one of these (on sale) to fill in a gap in our lineup of PFD sizes - because the right size is very important for safety!

It has all the standard features (pockets, high back, etc) that are found on all paddle specific vests. While it is at the bottom of their priceline it does not feel cheap. The zippers are sturdy and the fabric/floats feel substantial.

We put a 250lb man in the XL sized PFD and he floated comfortably. A good choice for safety.

This shirt claims to be SPF one zillion and while I can't vouch for that, my experience in SW Florida sun is that it doesn't let you burn. I also imagine that the Xylitol component helps keep me cooler, but that could be the placebo effect.

One odd note is that this is the first shirt I've ever bought that has sleeves that are longer than my chimp arms. I kind of expected to find thumb holes like you have in some running shells, but they are just extra long. I get that and it doesn't bother me, but it was surprising.

We bought our Wilderness 145T "slightly" used and have really enjoyed "the tub."

-> Tracks well
-> Fast for a plastic rec tandem (yeah, I know)
-> Great adjustable foot braces
-> Seats give good firm support

-> Not fast to turn
-> High-ish profile for windy days

We've put 425+ lbs in big paddlers in and I can see putting another 75 lbs in to get to max capacity, but the cockpit would be inches out of the water at that point, so max possible is probably less than stated.