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Sun Shadow Paddle

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Sun Shadow Paddle Specifications

  • Length (min, max): , "
  • Blade Dimensions (L × W): × "

Recommended Usage

  • Sport/Activity: Canoeing

Bending Branches
Sun Shadow Paddle Reviews

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A couple years ago, I...

A couple years ago, I bought the beautiful 11 laminate straight BB Sun Shadow for my girlfriend to use in the bow of our 16' royalex OT Penobscot. She loves it's lightweight and it's comfortable handle and it's good looks. It's a major step up from the cheap aluminum & plastic paddles we had before. I typically favor the bent BB Special when I'm in the stern, or paddling alone. However, I've used her Sun Shadow on rivers where I wanted a straight paddle, and it's really a great paddle. Her Sun Shadow is 54", and while that length is fine for me in a bent, in a straight paddle, if I was buying for me, I'd probably go up a size, as I believe a slightly longer straight paddle is somewhat more versitle. But, it's a great paddle, and the pair make a great team that frequently get admiring comments by folks who love the looks of the laminated wood. Best of all, these paddles are true lightweight performers, not just beauty pagent winners. We're totally sold on these Bending Branches laminated paddles.

I have had a couple of...

I have had a couple of these in my paddle collection for the past few years. They are some of the prettiest of stock paddles, but still tough enough for the rocky CIII's we paddle. The tip protector on one of the paddles came loose this year, it was an easy repair but worrisome.

I purchased a bending...

I purchased a bending branches sun shadow a couple weeks ago, and find it to be a significant upgrade from the entry level mohawk I've used the past few years. The oval shaft fits well in the hands and the balance is excellant. No noticed tendancy to flutter, and it moves my kayak or solo canoe smoothly in both rivers and flat water lakes. Fit and finish on the components is very good.