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Eagle Ray Carbon 4-Piece Snap Button

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This Product Has Been Discontinued

Eagle Ray Carbon 4-Piece Snap Button Description

With its lightweight abX carbon fiber blade providing extra strength and stiffness and its all-carbon shaft delivering durability and light weight, the Eagle Ray Carbon paddle is a first class touring choice. This specific blade shape – slim and long – offers extra pull for low-angle paddlers and heavily-loaded boats.The Eagle Ray Carbon has two ferrule options. In addition to a snug 3-hole snap-button ferrule (0° to 60°, L and R feathering angles), this paddle also offers the Posi-Lok® ferrule system which clicks into position firmly and securely. 

Eagle Ray Carbon 4-Piece Snap Button Reviews


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Eagle Ray Carbon 4-Piece Snap Button Specifications

  • Weight (min, max): 30.30, 30.30 oz
  • Length (min, max): 210.00, 250.00 cm
  • Blade Dimensions (L × W): 50.80 × 15.88 cm
  • Blade Surface Area: 248.92 cm²
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Composite
  • Material Description:

    Carbon Reinforced Nylon Resin Blade and 100% Carbon Shaft

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Touring
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking

Eagle Ray Carbon 4-Piece Snap Button Reviews

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This paddle I bought in...

This paddle I bought in early spring and fell in love with it as soon as I hit the water. Light weight and strong this paddle amazed me with every stroke I took while out on the lakes that I was paddling on.

I purchased the Eagle Ray...

I purchased the Eagle Ray 230cm, all carbon, TLC as an upgrade from a Carlisle paddle. Make no mistake this was very a advantageous move. I liked it very much. Over time it has proved to be very strong (I keep it by my bed to beat burglars away), in my area we have many oyster beds and rocks to deal with and it has found them all it seems. After an estimated 35 trips it has a few scratches and a scar for showing its worth. In the performance department it has proven to be a great relaxed paddling machine. It propels my 16'10" boat at a nice comfy pace. Minimal flutter, easy entry and exit, and light weight to boot.

I give it an 8 due to having to work pretty hard with it in rougher currents (should break out a high angle at these times). And that I do have a more natural high angle stroke. I have to keep telling myself to relax with this paddle. So if you are into a nice cruising speed instead of an aggressive run, then this is your paddle for big boats.

I really like this paddle....

I really like this paddle. I have a 220cm, hybrid, snap ferrule. I have an Eagle Ray with TLC and it works great, but I am naturally a high angle paddler. So this has been my goto paddle. I always get to wondering what other big brands would be like to paddle so I go to the shop and always end up leaving with an AquaBound product. I wanted something nicer than this paddle to upgrade to (nothing against the performance, as stated I love it!), so I had in mind a Correyvrecken, alas a Surge has been ordered!

My wife and I have used...

My wife and I have used these paddles for >2 years and have quite a few hours of paddling both fresh and salt water. They are good paddles for the price except for the TLC. We have had problems both keeping them locked (we replaced our original purchased paddles as they would not lock at all) and in getting them apart especially after an ocean paddle as they get sandy when we land. We are going to sell them and get another brand even if they cost more. It is not worth it to stand at a launch site and take 10 minutes to either assemble or disassemble these paddles. The company needs to re-assess this design.

AquaBound paddles are very...

AquaBound paddles are very good paddles for the money. Stay away from the adjustable ferrule. Get the standard 2-piece or best yet use a one piece.

I have been guiding trips...

I have been guiding trips on lake Michigan and Green Bay with this paddle for the past two seasons. It works well enough; if I don't notice anything wrong with it, it's OK by me..."Set it and Forget it." That said, I have noticed this paddle a few times.

Firstly, I have had a problem with the TLC loosening for the last two months or so, usually after a few hours of paddling at a 60deg feather. Recently my paddle has ceased to pull apart anymore. I know that I have had a problem with my lower-end rental paddles not coming apart (apparently the ferrule swells for some reason), so this must be a problem through the line.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the shaft of the paddle has a series of small, raised ridges on it, which prevent it from being totally smooth. I am not sure what purpose the ridges serve, but I think that it takes away from the overall feel and appearance of the paddle. Also the carbon layup is not quite as nicely executed as other paddles; there are some inconsistent spots where the carbon has apparently stretched. This may actually be a cosmetic blem, now that I think about purchase is usually factory "seconds."

Usage wise, the paddle does pretty well. I have always felt that the Eagle-Ray blade design is pretty solid. While not a standout for either surfing or long distance touring it does both reasonably well. It also handles most maneuvers, including rolling adequately, though for whatever reason, I have had more luck with other paddles when doing a sculling draw.

All in all, this has been a pretty good paddle for me. If I were to buy a lifetime paddle, this would not necessarily be it, but as someone who earns their living with a paddle and kayak, it has served me quite well.

Aqua-Bound changed ownership the summer of 2008

Aqua-Bound changed ownership the summer of 2008 and brought the production of their paddles to the United States. Significant paddle quality improvements have been made with the new ownership and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


I have only had this...

I have only had this paddle a couple of weeks and I am really enjoy the feel of it. I have paddled it on lakes and slow moving rivers. It is very comfortable and gives me plenty of power when needed while be exceptionally light in my hand. On longer paddles it is comfortable and flexes just enough to take the stress off my joints while maintaining power and consistency.
The feathering mechanism is easy to use and allows for good adjustability. I have not had any problems with coming apart or loosening up.
Great paddle for the money $150 REI Outlet. You won't be disappointed.

My wife and I are new to...

My wife and I are new to kayaking. Our sales person recommended spending a little extra for a good (light) paddle. It was money well spent. We are very happy with the paddles. I think once or twice the paddles came apart, but as other reviewers have said, you need to make sure you have fully locked the TLC coupler. We have not experienced any flutter. The paddles are very easy to handle.

This paddle is a piece of...

This paddle is a piece of art, do not mistake it for its more inexpensive eagle ray brothers made of partial CF or fiberglass.This is an all-carbon paddle that is extremely well made with attention given to the details.I have abused many CF and fiberglass Werner and Aquabound paddles in the past,and can now qualify this all-carbon paddle as one of the best.It has almost perfect balance end to end, no blade flutter, tight connection, superior finish,low 20's wt. and a competitive price.

Eagle Ray Carbon 4-Piece Snap Button