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Aries 12

by  No Limits

Aries 12 Description

The Aries 12 is a sup brought to you by No Limits. Read Aries 12 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other sup recommendations below or explore all sups to find the perfect one for you!

Aries 12 Reviews


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Aries 12 Reviews

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I use the Aries 12' about…

Submitted by: mjones on 4/8/2016
I use the Aries 12' about every other weekend here lately since the weather has been so nice in Texas, and haven't had a single major problem. It handles great, it's stable, tracks well, and is pretty versatile as I paddle the Leon River and Lake Belton located close Gatesville Texas. The hull storage and deck nets are very useful and I like that it has 4 handles. If you plan on walking it to a shoreline, I'd reccomend buying or building a cart as it is pretty heavy. The only real issue, not huge, is the molded foot pads; they are a little awkward and start causing foot/knee pain after an hour or two. Other than that I believe this to be a great SUP for beginners or if you're trying to save some $$. As always, life outside is great and an Aries 12' SUP is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day on the water. Pros 4 Attached carrying handles Front and back storage areas 2 oar holders I like the color Green Cons Foot/knee pads a bit awkward. Could use larger and heavier duty padding. Water can leak in at the screws for the hatch, but a little tightening and silicone will fix the issue. Usage Used for touring lakes and slow rivers.

This SUP is affordable,…

Submitted by: dsenecal on 1/27/2016
This SUP is affordable, durable and very stable. I purchased it about a year ago and I have had it on the lake, in the ocean and down the river, I have used it mostly for fishing and multi-day paddle packing. The board tracks very well and is buoyant enough to hold a good bit of weight. Pros I really the ease of adding accessories. It is built like a kayak so the plastic molded hull can easily be drilled and riveted for a multitude of gadgets. Cons I don't like the confined foot holds. The concave shape make the paddler feel like they must keep their feet in one place. I wish the platform was flat and convex to shed water more efficiently. Usage I use this board mostly for paddle packing and fishing.
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My girlfriend (a yoga…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/18/2015
My girlfriend (a yoga instructor) and I have been wanting to get into SUP since trying paddleboard yoga last summer. I wanted something big (I was 240 lbs at the time) and stable that the kids could handle too. The Aries 12 is a great all-around board (but not really designed for yoga :). I've taken it fishing in Christmas bay, and the whole family has used it at Lake Travis. It's fast and easy to maneuver. It also makes a great, solid platform for the kids to rest when they're swimming at the lake. Pros Fast, maneuverable, stable, and versatile. Cons When I bought mine, the storage hatches leaked water into the interior of the board. This is easily fixed by removing the bolts and sealing it up with silicone. Usage Fishing, swimming, touring, exercise.

This is a good starter board…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/18/2015
This is a good starter board for flat lakes it is made of a durable plastic but it does scratch easily. Very stable in the water and is a good platform to fish off. It also has two compartments for storage which are handy for fishing. Pros Affordable board Cons Storage compartments tend to leak little Usage Touring/Fishing on flat lake

I bought this board 3 months…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/2/2014
I bought this board 3 months ago. I have been using in on the weekends. It is great, lots of fun. The board is very stable, I can even ride it with my 3 year old daughter. It is a bit on the heavy side to load and unload it off my tuck. It glides nice on the water Pros Very stable and It glides nicely on the water Cons It is on the heavy side to carry by one person Usage I use it on weekends for exercise and relaxation

This is an excellent board…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2014
This is an excellent board for someone new to the sport. The 12' No Limits Aries is a quality board at an affordable price. It is made of plastic 8" thick in the center and narrows to the tips, which is only a couple inches thicker than some custom surf paddle boards. The Aries has two watertight storage compartments and two bungee cord gear tiedowns. This is my first stand up paddle board. I bought this board on sale at Academy Sports. I live on a river near the Atlantic ocean, it is tidal so the water is constantly moving. I was amazed at how well this board handles rough water. My six year old son and I easily tread 4 foot wakes from big container ships passing by. This board tracks farely well, I can progress against a mild current. It has decent stability for a board without fins. I can stand up through some rough conditions with my son sitting forward, We're both able to stand in calm conditions. Overall it is a quality board at a bottom dollar price as far as stand up paddle boards go. Pros The color. The storage hatches and bungee cord gear tiedowns. It handles rough water well. Cons No fins. Slightly recessed where you put your feet, not terribly uncomfortable but it would be better if the surface were flat covered in the same black foam material. Usage In a intercoastal river, the ocean and the marsh.

This was the first board I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/25/2014
This was the first board I ever paddled on. It is very stable and easy to sit on to paddle. That's the only good thing I can say about it. My knees hurt after a little while when kneeling to paddle. I could not stand long on this board because the curved surface hurt my feet. I would not want this board. Pros Stable Cons Too heavy. Sratched easily when loading and unloading,every little bump seemed to make a mark Material is too firm on the section for kneeling and standing, there is no give Usage On lake

I recently purchased this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/19/2014
I recently purchased this bright green no limits board (only color available at this time) from Academy Sports and, as I understand it, this is Academy's own brand. I bought this because it was the only 12 foot board that I could find locally and I thought a longer board would be better for use on mostly lakes. I am new to the sport and don't quite know what to look for. This is unusual for a SUP because it has 2 storage hatches and two bungee tie down areas. Also it has depressions on the top deck that I have used to put my feet in while paddeling kayak style with my kayak paddle and to turn around facing the other way (backwards?) on my knees with my feet in the depressions that way. It seems to be more comfortable to my ankles. It does not have a detachable rudder(skeg?) that I have seen on other boards but is made like a kayak on bottom. I thought this would mean that I couldn't loose it but it may not be as effective for stand up paddling, I don't know yet, I have only kayaked before now. The foot areas are small and slightly curved and hold water but I had no trouble standing up and paddling it even though it was a windy day. I found out afterwards, by watching some videos, that I held the paddle backwards! I think I can look forward to some improvement next time with that knowledge! It is listed as an SUP on their site but says sit on top paddleboard in the description . I guess it is a sort of hybrid but is not described as so. I had an idea of adding an ocean kayak seat to use it like a ocean kayak Nalu,I think it is called,that I saw online. Whatever coating is on the board seems to scratch very easily, don't know if it is something they put over the plastic or what, but my plastic kayak (heratige) does not do this. I have taken it out only one time and I was extremely careful with it, as one tends to be with a brand new boat. I'm not sure if it's the same kind of plastic as my kayak either. I guess only time will tell if it lasts like a plastic kayak. I just found out that there is no stated warranty. I guess I got too excited about getting a board. Note to self - check on warranty BEFORE making purchase! That is not like me at all but hey-it happens! I am giving it only three stars based on the lack of stated warranty, (when I called customer service they said there is a 30 day return policy and, when pressed, a vague "we would stand behind our product") otherwise I would give it 4 stars. Pros Versatility -You can stand, sit or kneel. Price (under $400) and length (12 foot) Cons There is no stated warranty at all (this may be a deal breaker) Heavy (55 pounds) Small foot areas are slightly curved and hold water along with the center grip cutout and foot depressions for use while sit down paddeling.(I assume since there is very little detail in their description) Usage So far just trying it out and playing around on a local lake.