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Waterproof Case for Wire-Out Electronics

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Product Description

When a wireless connection isn't possible, this case allows you to stay plugged in while protecting equipment from immersion. Also works with some pulmonary hypertension pumps. This case is designed for electronics which require a thin wire to be connected to them at all times. The special wire-thru clamp at one end allows that wire to stay connected, and be waterproof.

Product Specifications

  • Material Description:

    300mu UV-resistant TPU

Product Features

Additional Attributes

  • Ability to use all buttons and switches through the case.
  • Floats
  • Feed out a wire of up to 2.5mm diameter from the case.
  • Waterproofness Warning!: This case features our ‘TC’ Aquaclip which makes the case waterproof to IPX6 (a quick dunking should be fine, but not prolonged immersion).
  • Circumference: 9.75"
  • Length: 8.75"

Recommended Usage

  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddling, Kayak Fishing

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Waterproof Case for Wire-Out Electronics