Kayak Fishing Anchors

Kayak Fishing Anchors Buyers Guide & Kayak Fishing Anchor Reviews

Kayak Fishing Anchors Buyers Guide - Find all the latest and greatest Kayak Fishing Anchors available. Compare options, prices, read reviews and where to buy!

Kayak Fishing Anchors

Buying a Kayak Fishing Anchor

Kayak fishing anchors all serve the same generic description: they are small, portable devices to anchor your kayak, canoe, or small boat. Tie them to a cleat and drop them in the weeds, muck, and sandy fishing spots. But while they fit the same generic description, there are a spectrum of differences, not the least of which is weight of the anchor itself. You can get anchors anywhere from 1.5lb to 5lbs. and up, which can make a big difference depending on the size of your boat and gear. Or you might check out some anchor kits that are designed more for drifting, where they will slow you down in a faster current.

Either way, be sure of two things:

  1. The size and weight anchor you choose is enough to anchor your boat, you, and your gear
  2. Your boat has the cleats or can be easily modified to install bungees or whatever is needed to attach the anchor to your boat