11' All-Around Inflatable SUP

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11' All-Around Inflatable SUP Description

The 11' All-Around Inflatable SUP is a sup brought to you by iRocker SUP. Read 11' All-Around Inflatable SUP reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other sup recommendations below or explore all sups to find the perfect one for you!

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11' All-Around Inflatable SUP Reviews

Read reviews for the 11' All-Around Inflatable SUP by iRocker SUP as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Wonderful product. Can hold…

Submitted by: paddler834193 on 7/24/2020
Wonderful product. Can hold both and adult and a kid, and as a tall guy (6' 5"), it provides me great stability.

I've had a chance to use…

Submitted by: paddler462843 on 8/24/2018

I've had a chance to use this paddle board for 2 Michigan summers and loaned it to my niece last summer so its note worthy that after some use and time I've found it durable and had no failures in the board or hand pump. It came with a paddle but I wanted a lighter one so The paddle it came with is a spare. It also came with a carry bag, valve tool, removable fin and nice leash for your ankle. It takes some effort to inflate with the hand pump but ends up being very solid, stable and the construction of the board is impressive and has held up to use and inflation cycles. It looks nice also-I like the colors. The price was as much as I wanted to spend and Its been fun to use when I don't feel like hauling out my Kayak.


The iRocker boards in…

Submitted by: paddler442126 on 6/15/2018

The iRocker boards in general are the best sups that i have found. They are easy to load and handle making them a great choice for women who just want to paddle on their own without needing help getting the board on and off the car and launching is a breeze. These are inflatables that paddle as well or better than hard boards. I have several boards but the iRocker is my board of choice 90% of the time . It handles great in the ocean and bays , catching waves easily and honestly it keeps up with the group when paddling fast in the bay. The iRocker is also my winter board paddling in cold water as its 6inch depth keeps me from needing booties and i am able to paddle in my uggs . i have had it out in ice ,wind ,rain ,chop, flats , and waves and it handles well in all. it is pet friendly as well a both a good beginner as well as advanced board. Inflatables are fantastic for travel ,storage , easy of handling and a great paddle. I pretty much keep my boards inflated all summer just storing them out of the sun. You can go wrong with cheap inflatables but the iRocker boards are solid best of class and there is no better choice . Buy one you will love it !!!:)


iRocker Does it Again! WOW!

Submitted by: SUP-Chris on 4/12/2017

I have recently had the opportunity to try out the new iRocker 10' and 11' All Around inflatable SUP's. I was a big fan of the 10' and 11' Sport models already. The new All Around SUP's that are being offered by iRocker have some great new qualities.

There are a couple of big differences you notice right off the bat. First off, as soon as you unpackage the boards, you notice an awesome looking back pack carry bag. As soon as I took it out of the box I had to try it on and I can't not tell you enough about how comfortable this bag is. It has padded shoulder straps, a padded back support, and padded waist straps. Next is the paddle. The paddle is a fiberglass paddle. This is a great upgrade from the standard aluminum paddles that are offered in most inflatable packages. It is lighter and looks better. The iRocker fiberglass paddle looks great because it has their name down the shaft of the paddle as well as the logo on the blade of the paddle. The inflation pump is the same pump that has always come with iRocker inflatable paddle boards. This is a great dual action pump that has been getting praise ever since it has hit the market over a year ago with the iRocker Sport models.

So next I unrolled the board and inflated it. You can immediately tell the difference in shape of the All Around over the Sport models. The All Around is 32" wide and carries the 32" width throughout the majority of the board. I really like the color choices for these two boards as well. The 10' is offered in the well known iRocker Blue color and the 11' is offered in White. The All Around 10’ has grey racing stripes, a grey side rail, and a grey deck pad. You would be surprised how well these colors go together. The 11’ is a white board with grey stripes, a black deck pad, and black side rail. This is also a very good looking board.

The last item included in the SUP package is an iRocker Ankle Leash. This is a nice addition to the package as it wasn’t offered in the Sport model originally. The day that I took the boards out for a test run it was rather choppy out so I was a little concerned. Turns out I was concerned for no reason at all. These boards were very stable in choppy waters. It was almost as if the board cut right through the chop without it even affecting me.

All in all, the iRocker All Around inflatable paddle boards are a good mix between a performance type of board like the iRocker Sport and a wider Cruiser. The iRocker All Around is still a fairly fast board because of it’s design but offers a great amount of stability.