Pat Moore Custom Walnut/Cedar Que Museum Collectable

Condition: New

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Pat built this paddle for me back in the late 90's from his Stoughton workshop. I only had to wait two years:) It's been in the water a few time very carefully but is essentially new. When I ordered it from Pat (I also ordered a beautiful wine colored Reverie II with walnut trim, now owned by a younger friend) I sent him a grouse feather with a literary note about building me a paddle that would let me fly like a bird. He put the feather inside the paddle shaft at the lower grip portion and included a poem he wrote on a walnut shaving. What a guy. Poem is included along with a custom paddle sock.

It's a beautiful work of art safely stored at my sister's house in Traverse. I'm 76 and it's time for this masterpiece to have a new home. The dimensions are standard Cue for a person 5'8" or so (58" long, 36" shaft 21"x8.5" blade) not that you'd want to actually use it very often. It really belongs on display.


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