Boreal Designs Fiberglass 17' Ellesmere

Condition: Used

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  • Full Boat

    Full Boat

  • Hatchs


  • Skeg Dial

    Skeg Dial

  • Skeg Box

    Skeg Box

  • Foot Braces

    Foot Braces

  • Hull


  • Stern Hatch

    Stern Hatch

  • Bow Hatch

    Bow Hatch


I am selling a 17’ long 22” wide fiberglass Ellesmere sea kayak manufactured by Boreal Designs of Canada. It has a yellow deck, white hull so the scratches are almost invisible and is equipped with a skeg operated with a dial which I find gives you a more precise measure of the amount of skeg being employed. There is one large oval hatch in the stern and an 8" hatch in the bow, both with a bulkhead. The weight about 52lbs. The hull is designed with greenland hard chines matted with a semi-arched bottom instead of the traditional V bottom. The gives the hull speed and maneuverability along with a greater sense of stability. The kayak also features a molded paddle rest in front of the cockpit. See the comments in Gear & Reviews at Ellesmere Reviews - Boreal Design | Buyers' Guide |

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