Origami folding Canoe by MYPOP CANOE - 2 person

Condition: Used

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Visit ( oricanoe.com ) for videos of assembly

Stored inside climate controlled room. Used a total of 3 times in Florida springs. In great condition, like new. All hardware and manual included.

Supports two people easily and comfortably.

MYCANOE POP is an Origami folding canoe made with one sheet of corrugated plastic that fits in a small sedan when it is folded. when it is unfolded and assembled, it transforms into a 14 foot canoe.

MYCANOE POP can carry a maximum load of 441 pounds, recommended load is 397 pounds.

Included with this Canoe:

- Stabilizer kit for assistance on rough water or added stability during fishing or photography. The stabilizer tubes attach to either side of your hull. Foot pump included to inflate & storage bag

- 2 MYCANOE light weight paddles. T- grip handle, aluminum shaft. 59” long, weighing 1 lb 13oz. Come apart for easy transport.

- Gunwale bag to hold 12 gunwale caps

Contact Troy @ 904-810-8199

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