Fully Loaded SeaCycle Pedal Catamaran

Condition: Used

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Cash and pickup at the Gilbert Police Department’s Safe Exchange Zone in front of Police HQ: 75 E Civic Center Dr, Gilbert, AZ. Delivery available in Gilbert, AZ if pre-paid.

This excellent condition, fully accessorized SeaCycle has been used less than 2 seasons.

This is the top-of-the-line Limo model, which features extended mainframe rails to accommodate 4 adult seats and up to 2 folding baskets.

The SeaCycle Limo is the best of all pedal driven boats ever commercially produced. A brilliantly engineered human-powered watercraft (HPWC) with dual pontoons like a catamaran for stability, and driven by propellers that spin (like a boat motor) when you pedal the drive unit. Can be used where gas or electric motor boats are not allowed.

FAST: Faster and more stable than canoes, kayaks, or rowboats with speeds up to 12.8 MPH. The SeaCycle is propeller driven NOT paddle or flipper driven which is inefficient, slow, and noisy (paddle boats like those at resorts have a maximum speed of about 6 mph). Sleek computer-designed hulls allow faster speeds unlike flat bottomed paddle boats.

STABLE: Sea-Cycle is 14′ 10″ long & 70″ wide making it more stable than any other HPWC. Sea-Cycle only has a 20″ draft so it handles shallow water.

COMFORTABLE: Molded ergonomic seats, with seatbacks– not uncomfortable bicycle saddles as found on other “water bikes”.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Maximum weight of each Sea-Cycle component– 41 lbs. Completely assembled Sea-Cycle is 175 lbs.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: No gasoline or pollution, and QUIET operation avoids frightening fish & wildlife.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE & MAINTAIN: Assembly only takes 20-30 minutes without tools- each bolt having a T-Handle or Star knob for hand tightening/loosening… or if you have a trailer, you can keep it fully assembled.

There is very little maintenance required- sealed oil sump with drive chains (no belts to slip or break!).


-Steer and/or Pedal from either or both front seats to operate as a single or double without the need to reconfigure. Steer by using the hand-controlled rudder just like a boat.

– Fully adjustable to suit the riders from 5′ to 7′. Each front rider has a drive unit allowing each person to pedal independently at their own speed. The drive units automatically kick up when beaching or when hitting an underwater object.

- The LIMO model is rated at 550 lbs and has extra room on the frames to accommodate 4 seats AND up to 2 baskets. Carry coolers, diving equipment, fishing gear, camping gear, etc.

– Launch directly from the beach, a boat launch, or from a trailer (available separately).

QUALITY PRODUCT OF USA: Proudly Made in Michigan of high grade polyethylene by seamless rotomolding, T-6 marine anodized aluminum, and aircraft-grade marine stainless steel for corrosion protection. UVA & UVB color protection.

The SeaCycle is primarily available through CastleCraft where the Limo model is currently priced at $4,335 not including freight (~$200+) or all these optional accessories, which I am including.

- 6’x6’ Anchor Shade canopy with anodized aluminum mount, $264 like new, used once

- Four deluxe 4-buckle life jackets USCG approved Type III PFD, excellent condition, no fading/smells,

- Folding carry basket, some fading, but excellent condition otherwise. $65

- Tender Lift Kit, 4 steel rings (replacing original T-handles, included) allow hoisting onto a yacht as a tender boat, or tying to a dock. $59

- Two 54” aluminum T-handle oars for maneuvering in very shallow waters with drive units kicked-up. $30

This complete package would cost over $5,000 plus sales tax.

At $3750 this is priced even lower than the smaller two seat SeaCycle Twin ($3,995) with no accessories!!!

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