Folbot Yukon Folding Kayak

Condition: Used

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Folbot Yukon folding kayak in excellent condition. Single seat. 2004

model. 13' long. About 42 pounds. Tracks well. Turns well. Surprisingly

seaworthy for a small boat. $600. Stores in two bags: one the size of a

large suitcase and the other the size of a large golf bag.

Sale includes hands-on instruction [or Zoom] in assembly/disassembly from the

knowledgeable owner of many Folbots. If you have no place outside to

store a kayak or would prefer not to cartop a kayak, or you want to take your boat on a bus, train, or airplane, this is the boat

for you. Assembly time is about a half hour once you have moved up the

learning curve.

After 16 years of owning Folbots I am thinning the folding kayak herd. I

am also selling a 12' Folbot Aleut, two 16.5" Folbot Greenland II, and a

15' Klepper AE1. Also for sale are a Prijon Kodiak hardshell sea kayak

[good for a large paddler], a Wilderness Systems Cape Horn hardshell

sea kayak, and a Kayaksailor kayak sail kit [unused].

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