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When a rivers current, gradient and boulder gardens create whitewater the paddling environment becomes rugged. The stand-up paddlers that navigate the rapids, plays the waves, understand this, but still want the best performance possible in their paddle. Designed specific for whitewater, Werner's buoyant, full carbon, blade floats higher for faster strokes and more confident bracing. Werner's thickest Dynel® edging, of any SUP model, is highly abrasion and impact resistant, further protecting the carbon blades. Available in carbon Straight Shaft in fixed length for lightest weight, Performance Adjustable or Performance Travel (3-piece) to break down into inflatable SUP bags.

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Werner Legend 99

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The Werner Legend 99 lives up to its name...

I purchased the legend in order to have a light-yet-durable paddle to take all over...from lake to river to surf and back.

Weighing in at a mere 19oz, its light as 190 dry oak leaves, or about 65,500 chicken feathers.

I hardly noticed this wand as I put 17 miles behind me...

Easily one of the finest paddles I've owned. I'm very much looking forward to putting many many more miles on it. Thanks Werner for an excellent product.