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by Werner Paddles

The Desperado offers unrivaled paddle performance at a price that should be outlawed! With mid-size blades utilizing our premium river running blade design the Desperado is well balanced, easy to use and affordable. Mid-sized river running blades give just the right amount of power without fatiguing the paddler. Designed for more efficient forward paddling. Environmentally friendly Carbon Fiber reinforced injection molded blades are made with recycled material.

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I really love this paddle in the waves.

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The Desperado is not generally thought of as a surf paddle, but it was recommended to me for this use. Great suggestion! I really love this paddle in the waves. It has enough blade face to dig quickly when needed, and for braces or other maneuvers. But it is not so large that it beats up your shoulders. And it is super tough! I cannot break this paddle, despite tons of abuse. Even though I purchased mine in a two-piece configuration, it has endured years in the surf with no problems. The only thing I wish is that it wasn't all black. This can make it harder to find if you lose it in the surf. Other than that, I love it.