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I just did my second white water run in my new Rogue…

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I just did my second white water run in my new Rogue. I am not a newbie. This is my seventh canoe, and I have paddled white water in lots of different boats. As far as I am concerned the Rogue is totally bomber! My friend and I blew a run in a Class III. We went over a big pour-over and through two holes totally broadside. To my astonishment we stayed right side up. Later, we ran into a small spike of a rock as we started down a narrow chute. The boat was going fast, and the impact brought it to a complete stop with a loud bang. The bow paddler was launched off his seat and slammed into the bow. We held on and didn't capsize. I thought for sure we knocked a hole in the boat, but no water sprang up. When we got to the take out there was the smallest scratch where the boat took the hit. For white water, I have not paddled a better tandem. Obviously it is not the boat of choice on flat water, but it moves along at an okay pace.

The Rogue is a truly wonderful WW boat for those of us…

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The Rogue is a truly wonderful WW boat for those of us that can't kneel for very long. Its ability to turn and surf alone make it a fun moving water boat, but it's also very dry. My buddy and I come in just under 500 lbs together and this boat handles it fine. Wenonah has done a great job in giving me a boat that I can take newbies down class III rapids without too much concern for their lack of boating skills.

When paddled by 2 experienced canoeists it handles very well indeed. You can even get some decent play in. As you would expect it doesn’t track or glide as well as a conventional canoe, but it’s not for that. For WW I prefer it to a prospector. The only boats that compare to it that I’ve tried are the Esquif Canyon, which is longer, but has more rocker and is better for carrying gear and the Mohawk XL15 with seats which I don’t like as well as the Rogue. For were I spend most of my time (Class I- III WW) the Rogue is the perfect boat for me.

I did have to lower the seats and I will put some thigh bracing in, but other than that it’s excellent.

This is my second season with the Rogue and I must say…

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This is my second season with the Rogue and I must say that I am now forever a We-no-nah believer. The Rogue handles exceptionally well in fast water rock gardens. It sideslips beautifully and the 3” of rocker allows you to pick your way though the densest of rock gardens. It feels a little ‘tippy’ but the secondary stability is amazing, making the Rogue VERY stable in up to Class III rapids. The 24” flared bow keeps almost all splash over out of the boat. I have yet to end up with much more than a half inch or an inch of water in the boat at the bottom of some very technical Class III rapids. It does not paddle well in flat water and the oversized bow catches a lot of wind, even if you are in a little current. However, the Rogue is a river runner and not designed to be an all around ‘suv’ canoe, and it does do well anytime you are in moving water with no wind. I would recommend the Rogue to anyone who spends most of their time in fast water.