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Last year I had the opportunity to arrange a 9 mile downwind…

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Last year I had the opportunity to arrange a 9 mile downwind paddle off the north shore of Kauai. Dylan Thomas of Surfski Kauai shows up at the beach with a brand new Stellar SE with the advantage layup. 15 to 20 knots out of the ENE with 2'-5' wind waves. This is going to be awesome! Dylan was great, not sure who was more excited.

The SE was awesome, perfect boat for me. I'm 5'10" 215 Lbs. I've been told I resemble a Ninja Turtle. Had an Elite but just couldn't relax in it. I usually paddle a V10 and pull out the EVO for the heavy weather. The SE was fast, stable and surfed great. I'm 52 and was recovering from a broken shoulder injury. Did the run in 1.25 hrs.

Yes, the cockpit is large and suppose it wouldn't drain fast, but never got enough water in it to find out. The bucket is noticeably large and without padding I was sliding around in it a bit. My waist is 38". I have to say, the catch is noticeably wide and would take some getting use to.

I believe the SE to be good boat for a big guy in big water. Much like the V10, but more stable.