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Excursion (Rudder Ready)

by Prijon Kayaks


I got my Excursion 11 years ago as a retirement gift to…

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I got my Excursion 11 years ago as a retirement gift to myself on the advise of my local paddling store, and have no regrets! 3 friends and I just returned from a trip to Indian Lake in N.Y.'s Adirondack Mts. Conditions were windy and choppy. The boat was heavily laden and performed flawlessly with one paddler. This boat is still amazing after all these years.

My husband and I have owned this boat for 10 years and…

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My husband and I have owned this boat for 10 years and would not trade it for anything. We have had it all over Virginia, NC, Florida and just recently paddled it in Puget Sound. As a tandem it glides smoothly through the water with no side to side sway like a single kayak. We usually paddle about 4 hours or so with no discomfort. We need to replace the netting this year and the covers on the hatches are getting worn, but it's 10 years old!

10 years later, and I have another Prijon Excursion. I don't…

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10 years later, and I have another Prijon Excursion. I don't know when they upgraded it - but it's the Excursion EVO, and I like it even better. It's 28 inches wide instead of 30, the deck is lower - especially around the cockpits. It's as though they put it on an exercise program to slim down. It didn't lose but one pound - but it's slimmer, trimmer, and stronger.

The hull shape at the waterline was also changed to make it less bulbous, and to make the waterline longer. It has less volume, which means the dry hold areas are smaller too - but there's still plenty of space. It still has a large profile - but it's a lot better in the wind. At 85lbs it's still a beast to carry - but at 6'4" and 236lbs, I can use a beast...

The Excursion saved my life many times. Last year I used to…

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The Excursion saved my life many times. Last year I used to cross the Congo-DRC. I paddled down the Lukenie river with this thing (more than 2000 km's). You can look this up on It is extremely stable and fast enough to stay clear of hippos and crocks. After this trip I got a job for the WWF in the mouth of the Congo river and I used this boat to monitor poaching and illegal fishing in the local mangroves reservation. It was stable enough to paddle the Congo river and that river can produce waves of more than 2 metres in the middle. I'm back in Belgium now and I had to leave my Excursion behind in the DRC but after having used it for more than 2 years in the Congolese Heart of Darkness it was basically unscratched. One night I left it behind in a creek and next morning I found it back with a boa constrictor that was taking a sun bath on the cover of one of the seats. I'm looking into the possibility now to organize another expedition on the Lomami river and I'm considering to buy a Posseidon, a boat that is a bit faster. I purchased this boat in the kayak shop in Belgium. Pieter, the owner, is a good friend but he didn't sell me junk. If you're looking for a good boat buy this one.

I've had this kayak for a couple years now. I like…

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I've had this kayak for a couple years now. I like it a lot, it has great tracking so far, the rudder is only needed in wind or currents. I've used it in rivers, lakes and the sound and it has performed well in all cases. The hatches do a pretty good job keeping water out, and the kayak has plenty of storage, but is decently fast as well.

This is a bus! Not a kayak. It is huge! I considered…

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This is a bus! Not a kayak. It is huge! I considered buying one, so took one for a ride in a club. Even though it was new at the club, there are a lot of little problems with supposedly water-tight cells that leak, rudder that is not straight etc. But the problem is that it is so huge. I mean wide. Difficult to lean, slow. And almost impossible to roll, especially if one of the 2 paddlers has a problem, as the two cockpits are actually one huge cockpit. Yes! they are connected! so if one floods, that's it.
Leave it for beginners (it's almost impossible to overturn too) with extra 2000$

We've had our Excursion for about 7 years now and have paddled…

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We've had our Excursion for about 7 years now and have paddled many, many miles in it: mountain lakes in Glacier Park, big rough water on Flathead Lake, long hot days on the Missouri river. It was our first kayak and took us from being total beginners to being seasoned paddlers. In many ways it is perfect; other kayaks may be prettier, or lighter, or a bit faster, but the Excursion makes us fall in love all over again whenever we slide into the cockpits. She's tough as nails, holds an enormous amount of gear and when the water gets wild will get her occupants home in one piece.

This is a BIG boat, make no mistake... it's 30 inches wide with lots of storage room both fore and aft. There's the standard Prijon deck rigging and storage nets on the deck to hold stuff you need close at hand. The seats are pretty comfortable for several hours at a time, though because of the Excursion's size, don't expect a tight form-fitting cockpit (unless you are pretty big...) I'm 6'2 and 210 lbs and can get my thighs to make contact with the boat to provide some additional control, but really this is a boat that you are "in", not one you "wear" like many touring singles.

Get it with the rudder. The Excursion is not a hard-tracking boat, and with two people paddling, the rudder really makes a huge difference, especially in dicey conditions like big following seas. On a related note, the Excursion handles much differently when paddled alone than as a tandem. It really wants to see some weight up front... I've paddled in the rear cockpit with many different size people along as "crew" and it seems happiest with a load of between 120-160 lbs.

In short, the Excursion is a stable, versatile platform for getting out on the water and exploring, be it lakes, rivers or coastal waters. Double kayaks aren't for everyone; paddling one takes practice and communication, give and take... a bit like marriage! If you have what it takes as a couple to master the delicate dance of tandem paddling, then the Excursion would be a great choice... it was for us.

I don't own an excursion, but my wife and I rented one…

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I don't own an excursion, but my wife and I rented one for a ten day trip through the finger lakes in upstate New York. Our first reaction was disbelief that 9000 cubic inches of dry storage space could be so small--It sounds like a lot but looks like a joke! We had camping/B&B/hotel reservations for the next week + all up Cayuga lake and down Seneca Lake with no other vehicle at our disposal so we had to make it work. We spent lots of time paring down our already minimal gear, but when we went to pack the boat, we ended up taking most of that stuff after all. It holds a LOT more than it looks like it will. Not to say you don'thave to pack light, but we got a large family-sized tent in an XLong dry bag (my wife is clausterphobic), a large dry bag of clothes, and a medium dry bag of toiletries, etc. in the rear hatch. That last we had to put in the hold empty, then pack and close, but we made it fit. I was able to fit a not-full large dry bag of food behind the rear backrest. The front hold was just big enough to hold our two synthetic down sleeping bags in an large dry bag (again we had to stuff them in after inserting the empty bag into the hold) and our lasso chain lock to boot. We strapped a deck bag in front of the front cockpit, had our water bottles, fuel, paddle float, and rain gear between us, and our sleeping pads lashed to the top behind the rear cockpit. In short, we were able to make 10 days of gear (with about 4 days of food and one day's water) fit without putting any significant weight on top or leaving anything behind. The drawback is that it takes about a half-hour to pack up each morning. Nonetheless, we were happy in the end with the capacity. The comfort was decent. The boat is designed well with well-placed thigh pads, adjustable back rest, and no bulkhead between the cockpits so both people can get down and do a near-full stretch from time to time as needed. Our chief complaint was in the one area we thought would be the most solid based on other reviews, that of performance. One Caveat, my wife and I both have some very limited experience paddling, so we may not be the best to judge, but even after an additional 10 days perfecting our technique, we simply could not make the boat track, even in calm, still water, for more than very short distances. I may be wrong here, but I would definately test paddle this boat to see if you have the same problem. Of course, using the rudder solves this problem, and we weren't particularly concerened about the slight loss of speed resultant from doing so, but the finger lakes are often very shallow and the rudder would consantly be catching plants and dragging them around, making things considerably more difficult. There were probalby three full days and all sorts of shorter periods where the conditions were calm enough to be without a rudder, but we always had to use one. Otherwise, the boat performed well. As you might expect of a tandem, we were always stable, not too close together to paddle efficiently, and well balanced. The boat is heavy as sin with that much gear in it, to the point where my wife could not pick up her half of it to get it on shore sometimes. Others have commented that the cockpit is somewhat narrow. I don't know how it compares, but I am 6'2" and 225 pounds (pretty damn big) and I didn't have to squeeze in or anything. It was a narrow clear, but a clear nonetheless. Have fun!

I have just got hold of a new Excursion. I use…

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I have just got hold of a new Excursion. I use it in South Wales, UK mainly on the sea but also on easy rivers. I bought it mainly to use with my daughters who are now old enough to paddle in the front on a double. Over all I am very pleased. It is stable comfortable, fast enough and light enough for me to paddle when the front paddler is tired. The plastic is very stiff and seems to resist scratching very well. It was well fitted out for the price and was some 20% cheaper than the other similar doubles I looked at. This boat in cross section has a concave section just around the water line, then gooes concave below and has a chine just before the keel- in other word it is a little like a folding boat in section and has a aimilar feel in terms of stability and easy handling. It has a slightly blunt bow which probably slows it down a little and it needs a rudder on the open sea. It surfs really well in the right kind of following sea. In general I am really pleased with the boat and would recommend it. As a Prijon convert I am now looking at the Touryak as a single- has anyone any experience of this boat?

Okay - go ahead and call me crazy... I took the…

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Okay - go ahead and call me crazy... I took the Excursion through the Upper Guadalupe (Berghiem to the State Park) at about 550cfs (class II to low III). I was the only one in the group not in a whitewater boat - but this thing handled it really well. At 17 feet long don't expect it to be catching micro eddies and surfing in holes (although I got big smiles when I got it to surf). The point is that handled rough water exceptionally well. I've also paddled it tandem on flat water now - it's stable, fast, and easy to rudder steer (you don't need to worry about controlling the strokes).

I'm still not crazy about the 36x18 cockpits - 34x20 would be more to my liking. The rivers around here have lots of strainers, so I removed the safety deck line - if/when I go in the ocean I'll put it back on.

I'm still interested in getting a Prijon Yukon Expedition (it's what I was looking for when I found this). If it's basically a solo version of this boat then I'm sure I'll like it. If you're paddling solo without a bunch of gear then the Excursion is overkill - plus it's 85lbs are a real bear to carry after a long day paddling!

I wanted something that would carry more camping gear on class II…

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I wanted something that would carry more camping gear on class II than my Perception Acadia - and this seems to be the boat for that and more.

I just bought this thing used - and for such a huge (and comfortable) boat it is surprisingly fast, and it handles well in moving water. I would use my Acadia for faster moving water and my Perception Carolina to go faster on flat water - but this might replace them both. It's glide is darn close to the Carolina, but the Carolina gets sluggish with over 350lbs in it - and after that this would out run it. It will easily out-turn a Carolina or Acadia. It requires attention to keep it straight if you aren't using the rudder - so if you paddle any flat then get the rudder.

I haven't paddled it tandem yet - but it should be fast with 2 people. I did pack it full of camping gear and took it through about 12 miles with some easy rapids. It let me course correct in moving water - and even bounced off a few rocks without getting unsettled.

My only nit is the 18 inch wide cockpit is a bit small getting in and out of it. I think I just need to get used to it though. I fit the cockpit well and the boat responds to my hip movements - In fact it really surprised me how well it responded to me. I might take it on some class II/III on the Guadalupe this coming weekend, just to really put it through some paces...