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12ft MacDaddy Reviews

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  • 12' Length
  • 31.5" Width
  • $859 MSRP

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Classically shaped big...

Classically shaped big stable board. Fun to use for casual cruising and bigger people or people who want stability that's rock solid. Three fin option is good. This board is light for it's size. Pros Three fins, stable, rail guards are durable. Cons Soft board can dent even tying onto car. Fins are low quality. Usage Good for teaching, program boards, recreation.

At $800 I am not a fan. I...

At $800 I am not a fan. I have owned it for a few weeks now. It is made very cheap. it is a thin skin over cheap styro-foam with some alumminum runners. The skin on mine fits loosely and is not very strong. I am sorry to say I wasted my money this Board and I don't think it will not last long. At 800 bucks it is a rip off. It should cost 300 or $400 then I would say yeah got for it. But at $800 DO NOT BUY IT! Spend another 100 bucks and buy better quality. I lost out my mistake. Pros Light Cons Not durable Skin is loose. You can puncture it and if it fills with water it's done. Usage on A lake with two young kids that are very hard on equipment.

Used this board in...

Used this board in Carlsbad as a rental. Overall a pretty solid board, stable even in wake from seadoos and ski boats. Texture on deck is easy on the feet, yet very slip-resistant. Took my nephew out for his first time and he had very little difficulty standing and staying up. Pros Soft edges prevent damage to boars and paddle, especially good for newbies. Large padded deck area. Stable even in choppy water. Cons Definitely not built for speed! Usage Exercise, touring

this broad is breast i...

this broad is breast i love it and i would love to have my friend has one and it is so sick Pros its fast probably alot of grip but still sick Cons nothing this thing is sick Usage surf just surf