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V10L Surfski

by Epic Kayaks Inc.

The V10L is a lower volume version of the award-winning Epic V10 surf ski. The front deck has been lowered to decrease windage and the seat moved up 2" to give a better position for smaller to mid-sized paddlers. The V10L is very popular in areas that don't regularly encounter 6'+ waves. The V10L has an adjustable footbrace with self-adjusting pedals designed to fit shorter leg lengths — accommodating paddlers from 4'11" to 6'3" tall.

The V10 L has won many of the toughest races around the world.

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Unlike most Epic ski reviewers, I'm not an elite kayaker. I…

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Unlike most Epic ski reviewers, I'm not an elite kayaker. I do 200+ hours per year in a 17' sea kayak on the Ohio River. I'm 6' 195# w/ 34 inseam. The V10L has plenty of leg room and I've not found the seat to be narrow, as reported by others. It took 3 hours of paddling before I could keep my feet in the boat and paddle upright. After 6 hours I was doing 9-mile runs on the river and only spilling when encountering barge and boat wakes.

Unlike others, I do not find re-entry easy, much less possible, in deep water. I will master this ski but will have a longer curve than most, at age 64. Thought it would be good to have a review from a regular kayaker looking for a challenge and a workout...