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Triadelphia Reservoir in Maryland

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Fall 2006 Update: (see previous report here)

Triadelphia is now open, but low. I called the Brighton Dam Information Center (301 774 9124)on Brighton Dam Rd on 10/20/06 for status. They informed me it will open on 10/21/06, however only the Greenbridge Rd access (ramp) is open due to low water.

I drove out to the Greenbridge Landing on 10/21/06 to survey the situation. There were four or five pickup trucks with their trailers in the parking lot. I parked, then walked down to the ramp. The first thing I noticed was the fall foilage was spectacular. The second thing I noticed was the floating barge used for fishing off of, was about 50 feet away from the end of the ramp. The water level was the lowest I ever seen there. There was a father and son fishing near the ramp.

Since this reservoir was closed all spring, summer and fall, there was much vegetation where previous there was water. There were always "low" spots to run ashore, so be careful when you go out. The water did look deep enough and you could still put in on the asphalt of the ramp (not like Rocky Gorge, where the water level does not meet the ramp and the put-in area is muddy. I hope both reservoirs fill up this winter.


There is usually a large Porta-potty in the parking lot. I didn't notice it yesterday, but perhaps I wasn't observant.


$3 for day permit (allow you to use both Triadelphia and Rocky Gorge) or $30 for the season.


Take 650 North from the intersection of Randolph Rd. Continue about 10 miles on New Hampshire Ave (RT 650). If you need to get a permit turn right on Brighton Dam Rd to the Information Center (log cabin) on the right just before going over the bridge. Otherwise continue another 1/2 or mile where the road appears to come to a tee. Make a right onto Greenbridge Rd. The parking lot is just to the left before reaching the ramp.


Pick up WSSC's Rocky Gorge and Triadelphia Reservoirs phamplet & map at the Information Center in the Visitor Center.

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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