Three Locks and back

by  Hospes

A self-supported trip created by Hospes

Trip Overview

My intention was to paddle board from the Ynysbwllog Canal car park / Slip way to the Aberdulais Basin /Aqueduct.

I was a nice surprise to find my first working aqueduct.
At the start everything is concrete but that hasn't stopped masses of Green weed fish and Dragon fly type creatures thriving.
The weed at this point isn't a problem.

Some of the photo's I've added just look like a mash of meaningless green. this is because the was was perfectly still apart from the ripples cause by my board, everything was perfectly reflected.
the picture of the tunnel under the A465 looks drained, but this is the reflection of the concrete ceiling.

I got out at the first lock at Clyne and got straight back in and realised not only the weed was almost impenetrable but there was a second lock only 50 meters along. I got back out and walked passed the second lock.

Unfortunately this is where it got a bit more difficult and less fun. after this point the canal is in need of both traffic and dredging. any unshaded spot was thick with weed.

One of the feeders to the canal has filled a section with silt and debris under a bridge so I had to wade and carry my board because it wasn't deep enough for my fin.

There were some fallen trees to limbo under and a couple just under the surface which my fin caught like an arresting cable. I didn't quite fall in.... nice try!

finally a short stretch on my feet and then there was a stretch of weed. Kayakers may do better because of the absence of a fin but it took me 15 minutes to travel a very short distance.

Back on my feet, duck a couple more trees and then there's the third lock. it looks lovely. I got out but I couldnt find an easy way in. Again kayaker's may do better but I was wary of puncturing my inflatable SUP. Carrying my board along the tow path I eventually push through some overgrowth where I could see others had been before. Got on my board and realised my route was blocked by another tree. I couldn't see how far it would be before I could get back in. So I got out and turned back.

I portaged the 15 minute weed section because going against the flow makes the weed more difficult .

These notes sound really negative but the good sections made it worthwhile. The canal has so much promise. I'll come back when the weed has died off on a day that I can't go out on open water and try again.

If you intend to paddle around here get out and take a walk past the locks or just make the first lock your turning point. For me that's just too short a trip.

Safety Notes

This is an easy stretch for paddle boarding. but don't assume you wont get wet. If your fin snags something you're going down!


Lovely sunny day

Portage Notes

All three locks and the particularly heavy weed section on the return.

Trip Details

  • Trip Dates: 9/5/2021
  • Sport/Activity: Stand Up Paddling
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Number of Portages: 4

Trip Location