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Sebec Lake in Maine

A self-supported trip created by guest-paddler

Trip Overview

The word Sebec comes from the same root word as used in Sebago or Seboomook, and means large or big lake. Sebec is a good size body of water but not as imposing as some of the bigger lakes. But then to us Mainers, anything less than several miles across is a pond. Sebec is surrounded by mountains and is very scenic. The geology is interesting and also obviously glacial. This lake has many large rocks, interspaced deep holes, and shallow areas that make it interesting. Some of my favorite spots seem like underwater rock gardens. Destination and exploration are up to you, but it is well worth the trip. Clear clean water, mountains, and good fishing add to its charm. Peaks Kenney State Park is right on the shore of the lake with camping available. Maine State Parks are very good and I rate this as one of the better ones.

Paddlers should be prepared for cold water early and late in the season. A May, ice out would be within normal weather patterns. Paddlers should be aware that sudden changes of weather are normal with many bodies of water in central western and northern Maine and Sebec is no exception. Many people bypass Sebec on their way to Moosehead but it deserves to be recognized as a fine paddling destination all on its own. Historic Moosehead Trail is nearby and many who have come to love the area treasure its rich heritage. Some still tell stories and respect ways that were old long before the birth of Christ.


I recommend Peaks Kenny State Park. But if you would prefer not to camp you could find something in Dover Foxcroft.


A modest fee is charged for use of the park.


From the south take 95 north to Newport then take 7 north (also called Moosehead Trail) to Dover Foxcroft. Route 153 will take you right to the lake, look for state park road on your left.


For more information contact, Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands 22 State House Station Augusta Maine 04333 or call 207-287-3821


Beg borrow or Steal a copy of, DeLORME Maine Atlas and Gazetteer. From wilderness topo maps and gps grids to city streets it has it all. I even copy individual maps on my PC scanner and print them out after editing and slide them in a plastic sleeve for backcountry trips.

Trip Details

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

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