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North Platte River in Wyoming

Trip Overview

North Platte River - Whitewater Park to Soccer Fields Launch

Transportation to both the Whitewater Launch (1 mile) and return trip home from the take-out at the Soccer Fields Launch (4.5 miles) was via portage cart. The float on the River itself was about 4 miles.

This was a solo paddle in a 17' Grumman Aluminum canoe on a river comprised of 2'-3' pools and short, shallow (6"-12") riffles in an urban setting. The River was low and clear after the irrigation season, making it possible to both paddle upstream through the "pools" and to pole up the riffles.

The first 500 yards of the paddle were windswept, but the remainder was protected from the wind by the cottonwoods on shore. Small trout were surface feeding on a late hatch.

North Casper lies on the south shore, and a regional City Park with deer & antelope lies along the north shore.

Word of Caution:
The City of Evansville back-blows its river water intake with air twice a day near the Take-Out. Chances are you'll miss it, but its quite a geyser if you're over the darn thing.


No boat ramps, but portable toilets nearby at starting and ending Launches.

Motels and commercial campgrounds in Casper.


No permits or fees.



From downtown Casper drive west about a mile on 1st Street and put in below the Whitewater Park kayak rapids, on either the north or south banks.

From downtown Casper, take Interstate 25 east two miles and exit north on Beverly Street, turn left just before the River and park near the maintenance building two hundred yards to the west.


Whitewater Launch

Soccer Fields Launch


Casper City Trails map, available at the Casper Visitor Center on Center Street near the railroad over-crossing.

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

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