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Lynches River in South Carolina

by  wbfrick

A self-supported trip created by wbfrick

Trip Overview

Lynches River has the longest section of scenic river in South Carolina, starting at Lee State Park and ending at Big Pee Dee River. The lower section starting at Lynches River County Park gained its scenic status in 2008. This section of river can be safely navigated with water levels any where between 2 feet and 8 feet on the gauge at US Hwy 52. This information can be obtained from the SCDNR site. There are a number of public landings available along this section, so you can plan your trip for a couple of hours or up to a couple of days. Whenever the water level drops below 3 feet the sand bars line the banks, making some great beaches for both camping and swimming.

Wildlife is plentiful, like deer, turtles, bob cats, beavers, raccoons, squirrels, woodpeckers, owls, hawks, herons and ducks. You can fish for bream, redbreast, bass and catfish. I don�t know of any alligator sightings in this section. In the warmer seasons it is not unusual to see brown water snakes but seeing poisonous snakes is unusual. Chances are you won�t see anyone else unless it�s a summer holiday.

The section of this trip starting at lynches river county park has a handicap launch site. Lynches River County Park also has a nature center and camping spots are available. Two sites have electricity and water. There is also a shower house with restrooms. LRCP also has two cabins that are right beside the river and very reasonably priced.

After leaving the ramp at LRCP you will travel about 4 miles to US Hwy 52. This is the most populated section of Lynches River. There are a number of houses on the north bank about a mile from the put-in and a little distance further there are a few houses on the south bank. There is a public boat ramp at US 52.

The next section from US 52 to Indigo Landing is twelve miles. There are two other public landings between these two. One is Jeffords Road which is on an oxbow and not visible from the main flow and also has limited access when the river drops below the 3 foot level. There is also the landing at Friendfield beside the bridge on Road #46. This landing has limited parking. On this section of the river you will see four houses before the Friendfield Bridge with a few houses at the bridge. From the bridge at Friendfield you will have 2 more miles to Indigo landing. At Indigo Landing there is ample parking and RiverRat�s Canoe Rentals. You can arrange to leave your vehicle in this yard by calling 843-389-4656. You can also receive help on relocating your vehicle.

The section from Indigo Landing to Riverside Cemetery Road passes three houses and then goes under US 378. This section is 11 miles long and if you plan to take out at Riverside you need to scout for the landing where you leave your vehicle because it is not visible from the river. It is a small landing without a ramp. It�s more of a throw-in and you could possibly pass it without seeing the landing. This section of river has many large Cypress and Tupelo trees with huge bottle neck bases. This part is bordered more and more by swamp land and less bank. The main course of the river will still be well defined.

The section starting at Riverside Cemetery is also 11 miles long and you will pass two houses. The main course on this section is well defined until you get to the last mile. You come up on a small house on your left, and a short way further you can see the back of a house on a high bank on the left. After you pass this house you need to keep a close look for a narrow cut to your right. It looks like the main course goes straight but there will be a cut to the right that is flowing really fast. This is the right you need to take. It goes a short distance and then makes a hard left and back right.

Follow the rushing water through the swamp and you will come by an old platform in the middle of the swamp. This old platform is an old shad fishing station. The fishermen would string a net all the way across this section of the river and pull it up with a big drum winch. This was done in the Spring-time when the shad were going up stream to spawn. After passing this you are only a short distance from the Halfmoon Bridge. Just south of the public landing is First Neck Road and Second Neck Road. This area is home of The Neck Parade held every year on Christmas Eve (a true redneck parade).

A small group of people try to keep at least a 6 foot trail in the river open from US 52 down to US 378. We were able to float this entire section all summer down to 2 foot. Down at 1.5 feet, if you read the river right, there were only two short sections that were too shallow due to water levels over sand. We would love to share our beautiful river with everyone who practices �leave no trace�. There are a lot of places along this river that you can camp. There are a few more public landings throughout this area. If you are interested in more information on this area please give me a call. You can catch me between 7pm and 9pm or leave me a message and I�ll return your call.

The section below Halfmoon Landing, especially after you past Venters' Landing, becomes much harder to find the right route. Lynches River is not passable at the confluence with Big Pee Dee River because of several large log jams and you have to make the right turn for Clarks Creek. On the last 16 mile section from Venters�Landing to Staple Lake on Big Pee Dee, I recommend that you get in touch with Mr. Randy Stone at Stone Ranch, 843-386-3057. He is very knowledgeable on this section and can name all the islands and lakes. This is very much Swamp Fox country and you will pass Snow Island (a Francis Marion camp) on this lower section.


Lynches River County Park has camping and cabins.

Florence and Lake City are the closest towns that have motels.




From Florence, SC: take US 52 South for about ten miles to the red light at Effingham. Go straight through the traffic light for one mile and you will cross Lynches River. Take a right on old #4 and go about 1.5 miles. Take a right for Lynches River County Park.

To get to the lower landings you would make a left turn at the light at Effingham on US 327. Go across the railroad track 1/5 mile and bear right on Friendfield Road for several miles. At the four-way stop continue straight for 2 miles. Indigo Landing is on the right. Also you can stay straight on Friendfield Road two more miles to US 378 East. Take a left at US 378 and go about 3 miles to Riverside Cemetery Road on right. To go to Halfmoon Road continue on US 378 to the blinking light. Turn right on Halfmoon Road. The landing is on the left after you cross the river.


RiverRat's Canoe Rentals -

Randy Stone - 843-386-3057

Lynches River County Park - 843-389-2785

Trip Details

  • Trip Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

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