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Luce Bayou in Texas

A self-supported trip created by guest-paddler

Trip Overview

Every summer the kids and I practically live at Luce Bayou... there is a spot for swimming and the fishing is decent... there is some great size catfish, crappie, and bass... the scenery is amazing with nice quite wooded country setting and nature.....

I saw a report and just wanted to add that myself and my family have seen alligators there personally.... one runs from bridge and down towards cliff which is approx 6 ft... however it has never attempted to mess with us and very scared of humans. Down at cliff area we have seen several at once there one being of good sized I'd say aprox 10 ft..

I do not by any means want to scare anyone...these creatures DO NOT mess with humans instead swim away as fast as possible... I have even floated down the bayou with friends on tubes and floats from bridge to cliffs and find it relaxing. It's a nice slow pace river and I definitely recommend the bayou as a great place to visit...

You can also set up a tent down from bridge and put your kayak in there with ease, however if it rains the ground is clay and your vehicle will slide so definitely park away from water on rainy days :)


None; except gas stations aprox a mile from Luce Bayou bridge




59 to 1485 E which turns into 2100

Trip Details

  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

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