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Lower Flathead River in Montana

A self-supported trip created by guest-paddler

Trip Overview

I took a buddy kayaking for his first time to the lower Flathead river here on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

We launched at an access site near the Moiese Valley and paddled up river a short distance staying very close to shore. We then crossed the river to a large backwater. We saw two monster rainbow trout jumping but I didn't catch any though. All trout except lakers must be tossed back.

In a few weeks the water will be warm enough for the smallmouth bass that have recently found a home here. The state did a boo boo and planted these by mistake and I am glad! The water temp gets up into the 80 s in late summer so the trout must go somewere else or die. We did see lots of very large turtles. The poison ivy isn't leafed out yet and there were very few skeeters. What made this little "park and paddle" trip fun was when we stoped at an old mine tunnel to explore on the way to the river. My buddy saw a white rabbit at the mine entrance so we followed it all the way back in! He got by us and ran back out, and when we came out he ran back in. My buddy said "Man this is like straight out of Alice And wonderland!"

This backwater is a great duck and geese hunting spot as well as a great bass and pike fishing spot.


Dirt launch ramp and a few fire rings; no people and no noise.


Yes a tribal rec permit is required. Flathead Reservation


You'll never find this spot without a rez map and they are hard to come by. Anyone wanting to find this spot should email me and I can explain directions but it is too much to write it all here.


No books show this spot.

Trip Details

  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

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