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Lost Creek Reservoir in Utah

Trip Overview

Lost Creek Reservoir is an expansive body of water that provides excellent flat water kayaking and canoeing. Coves, inlets, narrows, islands and open water, this placid place provides excellent views and a variety of challenges.

Nestled 10 miles up a windy country road, the reservoir earns the "Lost" in its name. The only indicator of this vast 365 acre reservoir is a tiny tributary that carves itself through the fertile farmland. Even on approach, the massive damn hides any indication of the water it retains.

Once arriving, you may think you are in for a nasty portage. The road that crosses the damn shows steep cliffs nearly 50 feet above the surface. However, following the road around the edge of the reservoir delivers you to a simple boat ramp and a place to park.

The ramp is the only amenity for this reservoir. While it is a state park, it almost appears abandoned. The roads are maintained and there are some indicators that trash is removed. Otherwise, the place is primitive.

Nonetheless, the paddling is worth the trip. The reservoir has several "fingers" that extend in a variety of directions. The water is normally smooth but the canyons can become windy. In some cases, the canyon walls provide some nice shelter and remain smooth.

Many people take their boats here to fish. However, the place is large enough and so isolated that even a "busy" day will still find you feeling alone. In addition, this reservoir is wakeless so there is little worry that you will encounter any chop.

There is an island and many fascinating obstacles to paddle around. The area is typical of high desert in that there are very few trees. However, the geological formations are beautiful. The rock colors vary from tan to deep reds. Contrast the green of the higher elevations and you have some wonderful views.

You will certainly want to pack some food and a lot of water as the trek to the reservoir is lengthy. Basically, Lost Creek is a day trip only. Primitive camping is not allowed. There is a $5.00 day use permit required. However, we could not find anyone to collect when we went up nor any method to drop off payment.

Lost Creek is a fun day excursion for the whole family. It is a fun place for the kids to explore. We observed a lot of wild life and some beautiful birds along a number of the shores. We also popped off on a peninsula to do some shore fishing.

In all, it is worth the trip for a day of paddling. The drive is scenic, the place is peaceful and the paddling is fun!


  • Acres - 365
  • Elevation - 6,000 feet
  • Vault Toilets
  • Wakeless Boating
  • Fishing (Four-fish Limit)
  • Swimming


$5.00 Day Use


Take Interstate 84 from either 1-15 or I-80 to the Croyden exit. Croyden is not too far from Morgan, Utah. Travel 10 miles NE on Lost Creek road to the entrance of the reservoir.


  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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