Little Tn. - Kayak Fishing River Access to Almond Boat & RV Park

by  mattcm32
  • Map view of put-in

    Map view of put-in

  • L&L of put-in

    L&L of put-in

  • Map view of take-out

    Map view of take-out

A self-supported trip created by mattcm32

Trip Overview

Starting at the kayak access on Needmore Rd. just before reaching the swinging bridge, ending at the Almond Boat & RV Park. Paddled 7 miles over 3 hours starting at 4 pm with a group of 4 paddlers. Two in whitewater boats and two in sit-on-top rec boats. According to AW, the flow was measured at around 450cfs which was indicated as runnable. I would recommend going when the flow is significantly higher. The group ended up walking their boats multiple times to get across some ledges which would otherwise likely be fun to traverse with decent flow. The takeout at the 74 bridge was a bit too treacherous for our group to take out there, so we opted for the Almond Boat & RV park. We experienced a few power boats once we passed the Narrows but the views were good and the paddling was relaxing. Views were great throughout the whole trip. The only signs of civilization were a few houses along the banks of the lake section and the marina at the end. The shuttle from take-out to put-in was very short (~10min.).


Would recommend a flow much higher than 450cfs. AW indicates a minimum runnable flow of 350cfs which is a bit misleading after attempting to make the run at 450 and having to walk and scooch a lot.

Portage Notes

No portages are necessary, just walking due to low water at 450cfs.

Trip Details

  • Trip Dates: 7/28/2023
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, Whitewater class I - III

Trip Location