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Lake Texana in Texas

A self-supported trip created by gculbertson

Trip Overview

While doing genealogy research in Edna, I had the opportunity to explore nearby Lake Texana. I camped at the empty State park (only 6 other campers) and launched late Thursday afternoon from my campsite on the water. I headed south around the peninsula to explore the large cove in the park, but weeds and lily pads kept me from crossing the park road and checking out the creeks feeding the lake.

I then headed out to the main part of the lake and started north towards the Highway 59 road. The day was partly cloudy and the water was a murky brown with not another soul on the lake. I explored side coves along the way and enjoyed sitting under the bridge watching the trucks go over. Sandy Creek feeds the lake here and is a pretty paddle for a while until it gets too clogged up by trees. There are lots of dead trees in the water along the shore which makes it kind of eerie late in the day. It was getting near dark so I didn�t' have time to explore the Navidad River-will have to catch it next trip. I arrived back after dark, having paddled about 14 miles.

Friday I hiked some on the trails and then hit the water to find Palmetto Dam. Heading south, I soon passed under the Highway 111 bridge and could vaguely see something a long way off-it's about 8 miles round trip. This part of the lake is similar to the rest-lots of trees and no other person around. The dam is a low one and the road goes over it. It looks to have two sets of gates-there is a barricade to keep you from entering the cove where the gates are so I'm not real sure. There's another boat ramp here accessible from FM 3131. There is another campground just south of Highway 111 but I didn't check it out-it's called Brackenridge Plantation Recreation Area.

Lake Texana is a pretty lake and the state park is full of shaded sites, several nice hiking trails and more than a dozen sites along the water. I camp all over Texas in state parks and was really shocked to find one so empty-the park rangers couldn't explain it either. The weather wasn't bad, no hurricanes were coming, there were no mosquitoes, the scenery is awesome-there should have been more people. I'll have to go back and see if this was a fluke or is the norm. Either way, it's a good paddle and a great place to camp.


Great camping at the State Park, there is also a campground at Brackenridge Plantation Recreation Area across from the State Park.


Entry fee into the park, free from several public boat ramps.


Highway 59 to Edna, TX then Highway 111 to Lake Texana State Park.


The Jackson County map picked up at a restaurant in Edna.

Trip Details

  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

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