Kayaking With Orca Whales

$900.00 / person

Trip Overview

Johnstone Strait, situated between mainland B.C. and Vancouver Island, is the best place in the world to see these magnificent orca whales. Every summer resident orca pods return to the waters of Johnstone Strait to socialize and feed on salmon returning to spawn in various creeks, streams, and rivers.

Getting to the Johnstone Strait area can be a costly and difficult to arrange for visitors to British Columbia. To make your holiday uncomplicated and less costly, this kayaking with orcas trip begins in either Vancouver or Nanaimo. BCYukon's passenger van will collect you there.

Once you begin to paddle in orca waters, in their natural setting, chances are very high that you will see them sometime during your trip. BCYukon Adventures will do all that they can to make this happen. Nighttime will see you camped on isolated beaches, enjoying all that a west coast marine environment has to offer – guided kayaking with orcas – a true adventure of a lifetime

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“The beauty and tranquility…

Submitted by: paddler411978 on 8/27/2019

“The beauty and tranquility of Johnstone Strait (Pacific Orcas) went a long way to ease the frustrations and tensions of living in an urban setting. I will always miss the remote, unspoiled beaches — it’s truly an unique environment, and one I feel privileged to have been part of for a week. The knowledge, skills, and many competencies of your guides made the trip all the more enjoyable.”
Helen Durant, San Francisco, CA