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Kayaking With Caribou On The Slate Islands

Trip Overview

See rare woodland caribou in their natural habitat on the Slate Islands. Kayak in sheltered cobalt blue waters beside dramatic ancient rock cliffs. Camp on beaches and marvel at the millions of twinkling stars and the Milky Way. This trip is designed for novice to intermediate paddlers and begins at Rock Island Lodge with basic group skills and trip orientation. After lunch, shuttle to Terrace Bay where you'll catch a boat charter to the Slates and five days of paddling exploration. The Slate Islands form a circular archipelago of more than 20 islands created when a meteorite struck the earth billions of years ago. The shoreline presents a visual smorgasbord of geological features associated with meteor impacts including shatter-cones - cone like rock fractures created by the shock waves that reverberated following the million megaton TNT impact blast. They are home to Ontario's greatest concentration of woodland caribou. Your enjoyment will be enhanced if you are in good physical condition and comfortable with wilderness camping. Lake Superior is mostly calm in summer, but when it gets rough we enjoy the view from shore. Each group travels according to its own pace leaving lots of time for covering the distance and exploring.

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What's Nearby:

From Sault Ste. Marie, travelling west to Wawa, must-stops include Agawa Craft and The Canadian Carver, The Trading Post, Young’s General Store, Lake Superior Provincial Park and the Wawa Goose. For regional travel information, visit Algoma Country and Northwest Ontario.

Ontario Canadian Canoe Culture

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Trip Details

  • Departure Months: July
  • Trip Duration: Extended Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Hiking
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Water Type: Open Water/Ocean
  • Services Available: Guided, Gear Rental, Meals
  • Skill Level:

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