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Trip Overview

This is your chance to experience Antarctica as one of just 5 guests aboard a thoroughbred sailing yacht, where you will be wowed by the spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife of one of the last wildernesses on earth. As a small flexible group, with two crewmen and professional kayaking guide, Steve Ruskay, your adventures are tailor-made and itineraries are adapted to satisfy even the most seasoned kayaker. An expedition to Antarctica to see its dazzling landscapes and plentiful wildlife should be on everyone’s “to-do” list, but to do it while steering your own kayak – simply beats them all! 

If you’ve been on luxury charters in the Caribbean or Mediterranean before…. FORGET IT! This is a real ‘hands on’ expedition and everyone will need to be active in making the trip work. All tasks aboard are shared including: sailing, helming, anchoring, even cooking and domestic duties….. You can always opt for the barbecue! The aim is to take like-minded people on an experience of a lifetime and the expedition will work best if everyone is prepared to lend a hand and be a part of the crew. When you steer the yacht around Cape Horn and return to South America, you will have a real sense of achievement knowing you have been a part of a small team that has not just ‘been to Antarctica’, but you actually did it with your own hands! You’ll get out of the expedition as much as you put in. And you will see why Spirit of Sydney Expeditions are true veterans of the Antarctic business.

  • Duration: Extended Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Water Type: Open Water/Ocean
  • Services Available:
    • Guided
    • Route Planning
    • Shuttle
    • Gear Rental
    • Meals
  • Accommodations:
    • Camping
    • Mothership

These trips are designed for fit, agile and active people who have adventurous and positive outlooks. Participation is the key to enjoyment. No sailing experience is required. There is no age limit as we have had fit and active people of all ages, even a 77year old sea kayaker who was out paddling every day! All expeditioners will need to have a medical before departure as we are operating in a remote area, and its best for all concerned to have no surprises. 

Spirit of Sydney owns 10 Boreal Design Kayaks . ‘”Epsilon 100s 200s and300s”, paddles with pogies, spray deck, pump, lifejacket. They also have hand held VHFs and a few tents but many people like to bring their own. What’s not included: Personal clothing and equipment (you'll have a full gear list) Travel insurance, Entry visa for Argentina (if needed), Hotel and meals in Ushuaia, Travel to and from Ushuaia. Iridium communications while on board. Cost of Medicals. 

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