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Hubbard Pond in New Hampshire

Trip Overview

We are new to kayaking and rely on the Quiet Water series to point us the right direction for now. One easy day trip in the book was Hubbard Pond. I Strongly suggest you use the directions in the book (same as those of the previous TR from 2005) as we relied on our GPS to get us there. We spent 45 minutes bumping and grinding down Hubbard Pond Road to get to the launch site.

Once there, the pond was very quiet and had many inlets to explore. We were in 2 tandems and had friends in a canoe. All of us got stuck at some point since the water on the east side of the pond was shallow, but the shallow water lent itself to the most interesting observations of underwater grasses, lily pads bursting with flowers and submerged logs. There was a great point to stop and have lunch on shore, allowing views of the entire pond.

We circled "almost" the entire pond in 3 miles, so it's not a terribly strenuous. Given this was in mid-September we had no bug problem at any time. Nice!




From 91 south, exit towards Northfield, route 10. Follow that until you hit 119. Follow that east. After 119 crosses route 202, go 1.6 miles and turn left onto Cathedral Road. Follow signs for Cathedral of the Pines and pass it by. At .7 miles from entrance (or 2.3 miles from 119), you will see the access road as you take a sharp curve. It will be on the right. Go .4 miles to pond.

DO NOT come in from the other side on Hubbard Pond Road... we have an Expedition and, while we didn't bottom out, there were plenty of opportunities, one-vehicle-wide lane and many deep puddles to traverse.


Book: Quiet Water, NH/VT
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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