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Honeymoon Island in Florida

Trip Overview

About a mile off Dunedin Causeway leading to Honeymoon Island there is a series of six small islands running in series toward the northwest. Island #2 lies about one mile off the causeway. Putting straight out (northeast) from the parking area leads directly to this island.

Getting there is a little tricky since there is a boating channel with high speed boats that are prevalent on weekends. The island has alot of foilage but has a rocky sand beach easily accessible. From there I put out northwest and the next Island #3 was about a half mile away. This was a bird sanctuary posted island (no trespassing) so I continued to island #4. This island was my favorite measuring aboout 100 by 200 feet with plenty of foilage. I have read on websites that overnight camping is allowed on these islands so I'll be trying it soon.

Continuing off to the northwest there were two more keys which I explored before heading west to the north tip of Honeymoon Island about three miles away. By this time it was mid afternoon and thankfully the clouds began to roll in making paddling easier in low nineties temperatures. Honeymoon Island seems to be unpopulated on the north end and paddling along the east coast back to the causway showed alot of foilage and varieties of birds to view.

The trip back to the causeway was about another four miles so the entire circuit was about ten miles by my estimation. If you can, do this trip on a weekday (less motor boats) in the fall, winter, or spring and take plenty of sunscreen, repellent, water, and carbs to keep up your strength. I had alot of fun on my Feelfree Nomad sit-on-top with light one foot sea conditions.


Plenty of motels along US 19; kayak rentals available along causeway.


No fees - free parking on causeway.
$3 to enter Honeymoon Island.


From US 19 take Curlew Rd west to Dunedin Causeway. Pull off on right side just before you reach the bridge leading to Honeymoon Island.


Keys not shown on maps. Probably subject to erosion and other forces of nature.

  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Water Type: Open Water/Ocean
  • Group Rates: No

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