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Haw River Upper

Trip Overview

First of all I would like to thank Van for giving me a ride to Haw River, We meet at the Walmart parking lot in Spring Lake around 0800 hrs, and away we went, we got to the put-in area at Chicken Bridge Rd, and short John showed up, he has paddled with us the first time we went last year and several times on the Cape Fear. Van and John went to the Take-out area and I stayed with the boats. The put-in area is not that bad, , a few feet of rope and you can slide your boat down to the river bank. We started about 1010hrs, The water level was 2.8 at Haw River gauge and at the Bynum area it was about 4.13, I would not suggest running any lower than this, like the Cape Fear run, there are still a few rocks here and there at are just below the surface, and also it is a slow and leisure paddle for a short distance. After we hit our first set of rapids, we were ready to go and wanting more, and we was rewarded over and over, the rapids was class 1 and 2. but you had to keep and eye out for rocks and pick your path well, We paddled until noon and took a break for lunch, as club tradition, every member offered food or drink and sun block to each other, i think that if some brought nothing for lunch, they would be fed and not be thirsty, the day was a nice 76 degrees, sun coming in and out of the clouds. We continued doing more rapids a set that last 2 miles. Van was taking pictures and John spotted a willing subject swimming in the water with it's head about 3 inch above it, Van was having alittle issue with the subject because of distance, so the subject, a Black snake decided to get closer, Van switched from camera to paddle very quickly, the snake decided to go ashore. We ran into geese also that followed us, giving John a ear full, we also spotted a very large Snapping Turtle, who unlike most turtles when we get near, jump in the water, he seemed to say, don't block my sun, there was also a few hawks, I took video of the trip and you will see him coming right pass me slightly above the water and of course Herons and Egrets abound. Onething that really stuck me on this trip the Cape Fear and Haw are very similar as far as rapids and rocks, slow water in the beginning and end, but the Haw offers alot more wildlife and alot less development, just a few houses along the bank and nothing but forest for miles. We made it to the takes out with lots of young people enjoying the water, the banks was very muddy, but than, when you drag your boat, would are not tearing it up. We all said out goodbyes after loading up and agreed to contact each other for another run of the Haw or Cape Fear. I would like to Thank Van and John for adding to good memories and for ferrying services. I did offer several times Van payment, he said something that I was full of a brown substance, I remarked are my eye still blue?! See you on the River
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, River/Creek (Up to Class II), Rock Gardens
  • Number of Portages: 0

Locations on this Trip